Underscore VC's Pitch Narrative Template

A template for writing out your pitch narrative before creating a deck
Crafting a
narrative is no easy feat. We strongly recommend you write out a pitch narrative before you start to build a pitch deck for your

This exercise can help you synthesize your thoughts, prepare answers to tough questions, and craft a logical, compelling story. As Underscore VC Partner, Lily Lyman, says, “With this exercise, it becomes less about
you present, and more about
you present.”

We wrote
as a way to share more of our thoughts on the topic. This doc is a copyable companion—a template for your pitch narrative you can quickly organize and fill in.

[Company Name]

Investment Opportunity

Year – Month – Day

Investment Opportunity Summary

Investment Judgement and Recommendation

Company Overview

Management Team

Market Opportunity

Product and Value Proposition


Go to Market

Customers and Partners

Business Model


Previous Capitalization

Current Capitalization

Key Risks of Investment

Milestones for the Round


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