PM role & responsibilities


core competencies
PM Competencies
Communication 🔈
Conveying information
Translating technical issues
Describe vision and utility to designers and engineers
Understand constraints
Keep team up to date
Research & point of view
Relationship management
Build network
Tame ego’s
Technical Knowledge 🧑‍🎓
Technical Experience
Successfully communicating with engineers
Brainstorm complex issues with architecture
Help build code builds trust
Business fundamental KPI’s ( CLTV, ARR, ARPU, CM, CAC, SAC, WACC, and retention / cohorts metrics)
Empathy ❤️
Ability to understand someone fillings
Sensitivity for UX and UI
Empathize with the users from a distance
Listening skills
Adaptive learning
Therapist abilities
Make experiences better
Focus in customer needs
Intellectual humility
Listen but build on research
Observe + Listen + think
Project management 🗺️
Responsible for identifying product opportunities
Leadership role aka. the example
Constant iteration
Holistic thinking
Focus in shipping
Decision making & negotiation ✍️
Vision + Strategy = Define success
Bias for action
Prioritize features development pipeline
Visualize long term viability for product and company
Comprehend sustainability of decisions
PM negotiate all day
5 Tips for tackling negotiations
Focus in problem
understand position of interests
Generate options
Objective criteria
Negotiate the outcome

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