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Joy Miller
We are in the photo-loving era when we take photos to document precious moments. A family shot, photo of childhood or a lover picture all witness unforgettable memories, which might be the true value of taking photos.
However, it is a familiar terrible situation where unexpected people or object jump into your shots. What's worse, taking a near-to-perfect photo is never easily available and time-consuming.
At this point, Aimed at assisting you in finding the most suitable method, we created the best object remover people - which can help you edit anything you don't want out of your photo with ease.
Let’s take a closer look at
Dedicated to picture editing, offers loads of powerful photo editing features. To erase someone from background in AnyErase, users only need to import a picture, then go to the "Remove Image Watermark" to use the brush to smear what you don't want. Besides, it allows you to adjust brush size and zoom in image for a precise removal. In an instant, the undesired person will be deleted in a professional way. Not only it requires users no photo editing experience and expertise, but ensures the original sound quality of image.
Furthermore, AnyErase is designed with an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface that is friendly to novice as well. It is also possible to add text, watermark and image from picture.
Undoubtedly, is a reliable and advanced photo edit app to remove people from background. Come to experiment with it!

How to remove object from photo with AnyEraseI

You can turn to the free app to remove people from background – AnyErase. Follow our detailed guide:
Step 1: Download the App –
Step 2: Go to the “Remove Image Watermark,” then use the brush to smear the people you want to delete.
Step 3: Click the “Erase.” The people you draw will be erased automatically.
Step 4: Save the result.
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