Beautiful Brain Recommendations

Welcome to my list of recommendations of places to read. If you have ideas please share with me.
Highest influential topics 🔝
Laurie Santos Happiness
Self compassion - kristin neff
driven to distraction - adhd hallowell
Finding menaing in second half of life - James Hollis
Learning topics 🎓
Here is the list of areas that I am currently interested in learning
AI: I think this will be the most transformative technology of this century. I am learning how to program myself and curious to deep my learning there. I am currently doing the course.
Web3/Crypto: I was always kind of septic about it, and I believe there is still more speculation than value. I like the angle of trust vs efficiency, and started appreciating more once I come across the example of Democracy as way that we feel better to operate a society and lead to better results, even if is less efficient than an autocracy.
Religions: I was raised catholic but never really bought into it. Although I consider myself an atheist now I find religions were one of the best Human inventions and there is a lot to learn from them. I spend time in Judaism and Hinduism, going now over Muslim.
How humans work: Learning the little that we know about our species, from psicology to biology, trying to understand how to do better in this world.

Podcasts 🎙️

Lex Fridman
Huberman Labs
99% invisible

Books 📖


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