CWO Responsibilities

🩺 Science Advisory / Staffing
Vet and hire top science advisors in each core area to create the Longevo Science Advisory Board:
Sleep - Dr. Ferrero
Mindset - Dr. Grehan
Create processes to engage experts in review of Longevo service delivery allowing Longevo to stay at the forefront of science
Manage the Longevo Science Advisory Board
🍎 Expert Operations
Hire of experts / domain (fitness, nutrition, sleep, mindset)
Create processes / protocols - how experts operate, do’s/dont’s, etc.
Set up systems with technology team - e.g. communication between coach + expert
Lead the development of a science knowledge base to support our experts & coaches for FAQs from our members regarding their wellness
👨‍🏫 Coach Operations
Manage and recruit coaches, implement coaching training, protocols, and best practices, and help design coaching architecture to increase operational efficiency and quality of care & outcomes
Work with our product team to develop the platform and tools to support our coaching teams that allows for increased scalability of member : coach ratios and highly personalized care
⚛️ Wellness Advisory
1. Manage Longevo’s wellness assessment
Management and analysis of the assessment to deliver highly personalized results & recommendations
Continuously iterate with data & science teams to optimize the assessment & recommendations
Work to develop highly accurate and trackable metrics resulting from the assessment including: “real age” (biological vs. chronological age), disease risk areas, and additional metrics
2. Manage Longevo’s wellness program methodology
Provide guidance & shape regarding Longevo’s scientific content such as exercise, nutrition, sleep, mindset programs
3. Manage Longevo’s coaching methodology
Provide guidance & shape regarding Longevo’s coaching methods, practices, etc.
4. Participate in Wellness Brand-Promoting Activities
Support growth and recruiting initiatives which may include presenting at conferences, events, etc.
Investor and VIP calls
📃 Legal / Service Delivery
Ensure Longevo meets legal standards as required for each country
Ensure coaches & experts uphold Longevo philosophy on health & wellness delivery
🎥 Masterclass Programs
Source & hire masterclass experts
Create masterclass programs
Review of scripts
🧬 Science Tips
Operate science tip creation process
Review science tips for accuracy and alignment with Longevo philosophy
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