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The makes it easy to quickly scrape LinkedIn profile data via the Scrapin API. Simply enter your Scrapin API Key and a LinkedIn Profile URL, click the button, and the target profile data will be returned in seconds.
This Doc is a demonstration of the . It requires a FREE or paid subscription to .



Sign Up: Get a FREE Scaipin account at
API Key: After logging in, go to , click GET MY API KEY, and copy/paste it below
LinkedIn URL: Enter the target LinkedIn profile URL in the table below
Scrape: Click the Scrape button and the LinkedIn Profile Data will appear.


Unwrapped Columns: The column containing the scraped LinkedIn profile data is currently unwrapped, therefore only the first line of text is visible. To view the full text, double-click on the cell OR right-click the header and choose ‘Wrap Text’
JSON: The LinkedIn profile data is returned as a JSON object. This can be programmatically parsed using

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{"name":"Jon Dallas","headline":"TEDx Speaker, Creator of 200+ Events for 8,000+ Paying Guests, Founder of Real Talk Philosophy, Meditation & Yoga Instructor, Vegan 🌱","location":"Breckenridge, Colorado, United States of America","summary":"","photoUrl":"","followerCount":107,"linkedinUrl":"","honorsAwards":["Dean's List","Dean's List","Dean's List"],"topSkills":["Multi-task & Handle High-volume Workloads","Zoom","Weebly"],"positions":[{"title":"Server","companyName":"Satellite SB","description":"","startEndDate":{"start":{"month":6,"year":2022},"end":{"month":5,"year":2024}},"companyLogo":"","linkedInUrl":""},{"title":"Project Manager","companyName":"GEN - Global Ecovillage Network","description":"Skills: Event Management · Copywriting · Presentation Skills · Presentations · Management · Public Speaking · Project Management · Writing","startEndDate":{"start":{"month":11,"year":2021},"end":{"month":5,"year":2024}},"companyLogo":"","linkedInUrl":""},{"title":"Founder & President","companyName":"Real Talk Philosophy LLC","description":"Skills: Event Management · Copywriting · Facilitation · Presentation Skills · Presentations · Analytical Skills · Management · Public Speaking · Project Management · Writing · Social Media","startEndDate":{"start":{"month":3,"year":2017},"end":{"month":5,"year":2024}},"companyLogo":"","linkedInUrl":""},{"title":"Founder","companyName":"Real Talk Philosophy LLC","description":"Real Talk Philosophy entertains while actively combating social and political polarization. We create fun, interactive, multimedia, community events exploring all sides of contemporary divisive issues (like masculinity, veganism, gender pronouns, immigration, and many more) with facilitated small-group discussions, impartial lectures, themed music, artwork, games, panelist Q&As, and more. Since 2017, Real Talk Philosophy has hosted 200+ events for 8,000+ guests in multiple cities across Asia and online.","startEndDate":{"start":{"month":3,"year":2017},"end":{"month":5,"year":2024}},"companyLogo":"","linkedInUrl":""},{"title":"Yoga Instructor","companyName":"Meta Yoga Studios","description":"Skills: Event Management · Facilitation · Public Speaking · Social Media","startEndDate":{"start":{"month":11,"year":2021},"end":{"month":4,"year":2022}},"companyLogo":"","linkedInUrl":""},{"title":"Meditation Guide","companyName":"Meta Yoga Studios","description":"Skills: Event Management · Public Speaking","startEndDate":{"start":{"month":11,"year":2021},"end":{"month":4,"year":2022}},"companyLogo":"","linkedInUrl":""},{"title":"English Teacher","companyName":"APAX English","description":"Skills: Presentations · Teaching English as a Second Language · Public Speaking · Writing","startEndDate":{"start":{"month":3,"year":2016},"end":{"month":2,"year":2020}},"companyLogo":"","linkedInUrl":""}],"education":[{"degreeName":"Bachelor of Science - BS, Theatr","fieldOfStudy":"Bachelor of Science - BS, Theatr","description":"","linkedInUrl":"","schoolLogo":"","schoolName":"Towson University","startEndDate":{"start":{"month":9,"year":2008},"end":{"month":12,"year":2012}}}],"skills":["Copywriting","Teaching English as a Second Language","Facilitation","Presentations","Public Speaking","Management","Presentation Skills","Event Management","Analytical Skills","Social Media","Project Management","Writing","English","Teaching","Marketing","Sales","English Teaching","Yoga Instruction","Teaching English as a Foreign Language","Yoga"],"languages":[],"company":null}
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