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Girls4Tech - Design Jam & Hackathon Workbook
Day 3

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Presentation Checklist

Now it’s time to get your presentation deck ready!
Present: For the Pitches on Day 3, Coda can be used as a presentation surface — just press the Present Doc button in the top right corner (or ⌘ / CTRL + Shift + P) and you can click through your Sections like slides for the final pitches on the last day of the hackathon.
Of course this is just a templateーadapt it, build upon it, and make your hackathon your own! And when you do, report back with tips and experiences! Happy hacking!

Tips for a Killer Presentation

Make good eye contact
Speak clearly
Be confident (even if you are not)
Have fun!
Final Checklist
Decide who is going to do kick off the presentation and how you want to introduce yourself.
Practice several times in front of mentors.
Is presentation ready? No typos, is it clear and simple? Not a lot of copy on the deck? Eye-catching images?
Has everyone rehearsed at least once?
Prepare your team for the judges – judges are allowed to ask questions so to prepare the girl as best as possible, ask them questions in advance.
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