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Girls4Tech - Design Jam & Hackathon Workbook
Day 1

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Understand the needs of the users and the systems at play
This phase needs be be as freeform as possible as participants are coming in with a wide range of understandings of the challenge. Coda provides a doc surface to take notes as the team talks through the challenge. Upload pictures like whiteboards drawings or inspiration from online.
You focus on human values and how humans react and respond to things in their lives. You then engage with the person you are observing and get a feel for them personally and then you immerse yourself into how they are feeling. The goal of empathizing is to see things with “fresh eyes” so you can learn what your readers need and build empathy for what is important to them.

Discuss who the users of plastic are. What about plastic waste? Are there a different set of users?

Take notes here:


Write on whiteboards, paste the pics in here:

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