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Simplest checklist for minimalist

You don't need an app for your to dos, you just need a simple checklist
This is an adaption of a Kanban board in a checklist form. The Backlog are all the items I want to work on. I keep the content hidden (using folding) to not distract me from all the stuff that I could be doing; click the arrow to the left of the title to expand the to dos. Drag the most important thing to the top of the backlog: this is what you'll work on after you've cleared out your Focus area. Drag items from the Backlog section into the Focus area when you're ready to work on them (usually during the beginning of the week). Focus is what I'm working on now. Often, things expand as you're working on them, so create subtasks / to dos by indenting under your top to do (checklists work like bulleted or numbered lists). Lastly, when you're done with the tasks (I usually like to do it all at once at the end of the day as a celebration), drag them to the Done area.


Idea of a thing
Thing you've been wanting to do
Thing you've been putting off


I'm working on this today (and just finished it)
Something I'm focusing on this week
Review with team
Ship 🚀
Stretch goal


Finished this thing
Thing I've done
Completed thing, well done!

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