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Coda Packathon: Welcome partners!
Coda Packathon 2022

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What's a Pack?

Coda is the doc that brings everything from your team’s scattered toolkit together. Packs are the perfect power-ups, extensions that perfect how your doc looks, works, and integrates. For example:
Send emails directly from your doc with the Gmail Pack.
Manage inventory, add SKUs, and set new prices with the Shopify Pack.
Bring some levity to your morning stand-up meetings with the GIPHY Pack’s ability to translate sentiment into GIFs.

Power up your doc with Packs.

Packs extend the core building blocks of Coda—like tables, formulas, and buttons—so you can customize your doc. You can develop custom formulas to simplify complex calculations, connect external apps and databases, and even launch your business. The best news is everyone can make Packs. Anyone with time and a Google-able amount of Javascript can build a Pack in their browser, with the Pack Studio.
Need inspiration? Check out the Coda Gallery where where the maker community publishes their docs and Packs for others.

How do I make a Pack?

The Pack Studio has everything you need to build, publish, and manage your Pack. Without ever leaving your browser, you can use our web-based editor to get started quickly with custom code helpers, autocomplete, and other in-line assistants. If you’re comfortable setting up a local dev environment, you can also build Packs locally through the Coda command line interface (CLI).
Until the Coda Packathon begins, the Pack Studio is still in beta. If you want to play around before it is made generally available, .


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