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Title: Lead Generation Specialist for fast-growing US company

Are you a driven, ambitious team member who has excellent lead generation skills and great written English? If so, keep reading...
Hi! My name is Joe Petruzzi (You can find me here on Linkedin: and I have been running an email deliverability/cold email consulting firm for the past 5 years. Essentially, I help companies land cold emails in the inbox (without going to spam) and help improve win new business through cold email. See this link for more info:
Previously my team and I consistently got results for our clients. For example, we helped a B2B company increase their reply rate from <1% to 8% just be improving their email deliverability, allowing them to connect with more potential customers.
We’re currently a 6-figure business and we’re scaling really quickly to 7-figures in revenue within the next 2 years, so you would play a crucial role as part of that growth.
Our vision is to be a purpose driven company that gets results. As we grow, the most important metric will be impact. We want to transform the businesses for our client companies and be their long-term growth partner.
At the same time, I would like to use the profits to give back to Christ’s kingdom. My personal goal is in the next 20 years, to give more money away than I take in to support the spreading of the Gospel.
As a Christian, I strive to love God and love people in all things.
I'm looking for someone to become my lead generation specialist. This is a role that is UNLIKE anything you've ever seen before. I know many of you apply for "VA" roles, where you never really form a strong, genuine relationship with your employer.
That is NOT the case here. I am looking for a loyal, driven, hard-working team member who is willing to go the distance with me, and work for 1, 2, or even 3 years+, and who truly believes in my mission.
So now, you might be wondering: What is the job?
Since you will be my lead generation specialist, you will be helping in 2 areas of the business: 1. Running existing email campaigns to generate more customers for our own company, and 2. Monitoring email campaigns for our clients to make sure they are performing well.

You will be doing a number of things:

Internal Campaigns

Re-fill existing email campaigns with unique target lists that fit our criteria to keep enough leads in the machine using tools like Apollo and Clay.
Updating weekly report form to see how well the campaign is performing & where we could improve, with details like emails sent, replied, meetings booked, deals closed.
Identify and find prospect companies who are qualified and a good fit for our services. (Example: I might ask you to find CEOs of tech companies in the US who fit a certain criteria range)

Client Campaigns

Review Campaigns from Every Client Account for Cold Email Compliance as Shown in the CEC SOP
Create New Inboxes for Existing and New Servers as well as Messaging Vendors to coordinate
Import Existing inboxes into Client Email Accounts with Proper settings as shown in onboarding SOP
Monitor Client Accounts for warm up errors / disconnects
Fill Out Weekly Server Usage Report for Clients and Notify them
Using existing process, message clients directly in slack regarding onboarding, new inboxes, etc.
Update onboarding status in Client portal for each client to give them visibility
Handle administrative responsibilities.
Your role will constantly be changing. As the company grows, you may take on more responsibility and ownership. A big part of this job is to stay on your toes, always ready for action and change.

NICE TO HAVES from your past experiences (Not mandatory since I will give you the training you need, but these will give you an edge and you should mention them in your application):
Ideally have past experience with lead generation and cold email.
Background knowledge of cold email / other email softwares (SmartLead, Instantly, Apollo, Woodpecker, Lemlist, or similar)
Here is the hours and compensation:
This role will start at 25 hours per week, and will grow towards 40 hours per week as you do a good job and as the business grows. Your hours will be flexible as long as you complete the tasks, but I would need you to be available from 9am-2pm US Eastern time (that’s 9pm-2am in the Philippines) for meetings and to contact clients during business hours.
This job will start off at $5 USD/Hour (~php270/hour), with opportunity to grow depending on your performance.
Again, if you are looking for quick money, this is NOT for you. Only for people who have a long term vision to grow with my company. This also gives you opportunities to grow in roles in my company overtime. For example, if you perform well, you can be promoted to oversee team members.
If you've reached this part of the application, I suppose that means you're still interested :)
To apply for this position, here's what you need to do:

TASK 1: Please attach a resume of your previous work experience with your best email so that I can contact you if you are shortlisted for this position

TASK 2: I'd like for you to WRITE a 15-20 sentence paragraph. Read that again... 15-20 sentences. (Yes, I will be counting). Here is your prompt:
Prompt: In 15-20 sentences, please answer the following:
1. Introduce yourself (name, location, age, etc.)
2. What are the 3 reasons that you are the perfect person for this role?
3. Why do you want this job position?
4. What are your past relevant lead generation experiences?
5. What is one thing you learned from my Email consulting webpage? (link:)
Please submit your application through this job posting. Once you apply and you are a good fit, I will contact you.
DUE DATE: Applications will be due on
Bonus points if you apply early because I review applications before the deadline and your application would stand out.
Good luck!
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