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SA workshop 1
Workshop #1 - Overview

Business Blocks

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Growth in the Business
Scale in project size, not staff necessarily
Scale up existing and new opportunities (longer/consistent/bigger/more impactful engagements)
But we also don’t want to limit potential → Follow-up the business

Growth in Operations/Actions
Growth while staying nimble
Growth by proactive actions, not limited to organic or only incoming
We own and take control of growth, help define where we are going

Growth in Opportunity
Growth as both commercial and lifestyle brand
Building a cult, a cultural institution
Growth in terms of impact
SA is not named after partners, named after a philosophy
SA is bigger than us
We build talent, we build young guns

Growth by Demand/Needs
Growth in diversity of clients
Growth in terms of new creative opportunities, going past the edge, new things


Creative Discipline
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity

Creative Execution
Technology + Creativity

Client Need
Creative Connective Network
Ability to bring together unique diverse voices to cover different areas of the brand, different stories, different consumers
We have this problem, what is the collection of humans to bring this together to solve it
Highest level of craft


Plan to set revenue goals based on prior financial/historical data
Potentially put funds aside, or create system process where we hit financial targets, that we can release funds as strategic budgets for R/D, Growth, Artist Investment, Community Investment, etc...

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