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Recording of the first RM jam 19/10/22
Slides of the first RM Jam 19/10/22
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Questions from RM Jam #1

What differs us from a media agency?

Anchoring us to a media agency is actually a great thing. ​Why is it good for us?
They have bigger avg. order values.
People know what they do, how they operate. If you are familiar with something, you are much further down in the sales funnel (compared to when you're evaluating buying something that is completely new to you), and you can compare yourself to the anchor.
Why is it good for our clients?
Agencies don't have epoch.
Agencies don't have our factory-like organization.
Agencies don't have our level of automation.
Agencies don't have our hyper-focus on Job Ads.
Agencies don't have the data that we do on Job Ads advertising since 2017.
Jobtip doesn't utilize interns to create ads, we have a dedicated team of professionals. Which one do you think will create the best ads? (This is industry insider knowledge on how MANY media agencies operates, use it)
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Essentially, we're operating in the same industry, serving the same clients, and we help them reach the same goal (getting their job post advertised on Meta/Performance marketing channels)
But, how we get there differs, and that is crucial for the client, since our process to get them there is so well-tuned (like a factory) that we naturally should be able to help them get more bang for the buck.
Note: This is in regards to the comparison between social recruiting vs. media agencies. If you compare SS/TA vs media agencies then we are even further ahead.
What is anchoring? - A powerful cognitive bias tool that is widely used in marketing to prime the mind of your visitor/prospect at a price/value point.

Questions to answer on upcoming RM Jams

Varför blir det bättre över tid att ha en self-service licens jmf med att bara köpa enstaka annonser?
Tekniska termer (pixlar, cookies)
Hur ser en riktigt bra landningssida ut för en jobbannons?

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