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Paytm Movies: Improving Cinema Listing Page
Cinema-Recommendation Algorithm

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Typical User Journey

A typical User Journey for planned-bookings would look something like this:
Entice (Initial Trigger)
User sees an offer about a new Movie
User sees a trailer for a new Movie, or hears an influencer talking about it
User feels like they haven’t seen a movie in a while
Enter (Starting Actions)
Open up the PayMovie app
Enter City
Select the Movie they’re interested in
Engage (Core Action)
Search for a cinema
Filter by Price, Amenities, etc
Select a Show-Timing
Exit (Journey Completion Action)
Enter Checkout-Flow and Purchase Tickets
Extend (Post-Purchase Actions)
Receive email confirmation
Share tickets with Friends
Read-up Early Reviews
Watch related media, in-case this movie is a spin-off or remake
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