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Paytm Movies: Improving Cinema Listing Page
Cinema-Recommendation Algorithm

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Goal & Assumptions

What is our Goal?

PayTM Movies is already a product with a large user-base, so we don’t need to focus too much on building Awareness of the Product.
Our goal then is to Increase Market-Share (and hence, Revenue)


Pre-planned bookings should be prioritized over last-minute bookings
As Cinemas re-open, it’s going to take a long while for things to return back to the way things were.
By Prioritizing the experience of the Users who plan out their cinema-visits we can enable people going out while staying safe.
Movies should Prioritize Mobile-Bookings
People spend so much time on their phones, and generally co-ordinate plans with friends on that platform
By prioritizing the mobile experience we optimize for the platform where our Users are anyway spending the bulk of their Attention
Note: This doesn’t mean we will ignore Desktop users or Last-Minute bookings; we will plan to accommodate them once we have our algorithm.
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