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Paytm Movies: Improving Cinema Listing Page
Cinema-Recommendation Algorithm

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Further Enhancements

Show more Cinemas per Page

Perhaps if we know that User tends to book Matinee shows, we show those slots first and hide the rest
The button to expand the view would show how many slots are hidden so the user knows they can expand to view more slots
By shrinking the space taken per cinema, we can show more Cinemas on the first page

Recommend Cinemas when Search Result is Empty

So for example the search for a Cinema that we know is X km away from them, has certain kinds of screens and amenities and has a Medium price-range per ticket
we use that information to tune the weight-age factors (l, m and n) and display other Cinemas that they might like below the copy that informs them that their original cinema isn’t listing this movie.

Allow Users to share a particular slot

so that in-case the user is in planning mode with their friends we can capture that as a secondary way that Users can exit a session
once a user clicks on the link and goes straight to the show listing we would expect higher conversion rates
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