Year End Note

Hey there, I created this PDF figuring it would be easier for people to read when disconnected from the internet. Feel free to print it, sync to your kindles and share in circles that you may find it interesting. For those receiving this copy for the first time - the following is a series of articles published on over the course of 2023. We are a newsletter covering the intersection of technology, finance and the gradual decentralisation of the web. You should sign up for our newsletter at if the writing interests you. I have added a total of 37 articles into the PDF. It should take you about 10 hours in total to read all of it. The articles are not in a chronological order so take on it one chapter at a time. Or go through specific titles that interest you. I have added articles that have been behind our paywalls for readers that are not on our paid list as a way of saying thank you for the love and support over the year. Hoping to find answers to tougher questions in 2023, ​

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