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Jim's 2024 Portfolio
Thought Leadership

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My Customer Success Philosophy

Human First Approach
I approach every interaction with customers and co-workers with the same level of respect and empathy.
I believe in...
To best guide customers, we have to be knowledgeable in our industry. This way, we can provide expertise to help customers achieve their goals. Customers are more willing to share information when we’re less biased about our company and act as more of an expert in our field. We can guide possible growth opportunities as we get to know our customers better.
It’s vital we give customers different perspectives and insights. This means, at times, we must challenge the customer to think differently. It’s essential to not only build a relationship with customers but to help customers level up in their ways of thinking. I do this by challenging during kick-off calls, during 1:1s, during renewal, and possible churn situations.
Being transparent can be difficult, especially when product feature timelines fall behind or when bugs occur. Despite these road bumps, it’s our responsibility to set reasonable expectations with our customers. We should be transparent about how certain things impact them and keep them in the loop as things progress. By doing this, we gain trust and further build our customer relationships.
It’s essential to understand a customer’s reason for buying the product. We need to ask thoughtful questions to figure out what they’re looking to get out of the product. When we actively listen and understand what value they want, we can better help them find solutions to their problems. When customers ask for certain features, we must ask, “Why is that important to you?”. The more insights we get, the better we can communicate with product, support, and engineering.
Customers are humans first. We need to understand that they have other responsibilities and platforms to manage. Yes, we need to drive value and help them in their daily lives. However, how we get there is just as important!
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