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The initial primer report aims to answer the following questions:
How do we understand the concept and definition of land grabs, in terms of academia, popular perception, etc.? How could we define it and understand how it intersects with other similar issues?
What are Harvard's land grabs, in a total sense? What is the history of land and Harvard? What lands have they sold, and which do they still own?
What are the reparations that communities want? How do we uplift their needs?
How can we build a campaign of Harvard community members organizing for reparations for these unethical land investments?
To answer these questions, Jett talked with people on our team and gathered insights from academic literature and reports detailing some of Harvard’s land grabs in Brazil and Argentina.

Conversations with our team members

Talking with people on our team helped Jett understand our campaign’s current approach to organizing this campaign, our current relationships with partners with GRAIN and Rede Social, etc. This was just mostly through casual 1:1s.

Gathering online reports

The information from this initial primer report was gathered from the sources that we already have in our on Harvard’s land grabs and some of the academic literature that exists around land grabs. A question and answer system was used through annotating these sources and identifying both knowledge that we currently have about land grabs and the ones at Harvard and to identify clear organizable questions to collect and further research as a team.

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