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Toolkit for Local Groups

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Growing Your Local Group Through Digital Striking

Working Group

Your local group should have a working group dedicated to collecting digital strike submissions, informing people about digital strikes, and for outlining digital campaigns. This could be done through the social media working group. Members of this working group should be in good communication to reach full potential.
Even within this working group dividing tasks is the best way to make sure that everything gets done. Having a group for collecting pictures could be separated into a couple of people to collect online strike photos and then someone to put them all into a collage.
Having a weekly meeting with your working group means that you will all be able to keep up with the work and won't be over whelmed, this meetings are also good for checking that it's not just one person doing all the work.

Raising Awareness

To raise awareness social media is a great tool, see the social media part of this toolkit. Another way would email people, this probably depends if you have an already existing email list from previous strikes.
Another well tried and tested method is to talk to your friends about this, you never if they are interested now it means not having to skip school, you also never know who they will tell about it. Use the ripple effect to your advantage.

Increasing Turnout

The best way to engage people into digital striking at this time is on social media. With well targeted posts on your local strike groups page you can encourage others to be striking with you. Ask direct questions on your story, make sure to get submissions from people in your area to add to your groups collage.
If you find that your engagement is reaching people but not getting people involved try direct messaging people that are especially active on your page. This is not to intimidate them but just to educate and makes people feel more involved. By offering for people to help you out or be involved in open discussion meetings then you’ll be doing your best to democratic.
Another way to increase turnout is to get in contact with other local groups, for example Extinction Rebellion are supportive, by doing this you can increase your profile and build connections with other groups for the future. Don’t be scared, the worst that can happen is that they say no.

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