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Jessica Powell's Guide to Great 1:1s
Running your 1:1

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For you and your direct report to get on the same page.
No employee or manager is the same, and we often run into trouble when we expect that everyone knows our preferences and expectations. So when you first start working with someone—or are trying to re-set the relationship, it's worth sharing some information about how you work, what you expect of your employee or manager, and how you like to communicate.

Employee expectations

I prefer timely and concrete feedback. Easiest way for me to receive it is [in person, over slack, email, etc]
I think best [outside on a walk, by a whiteboard, ...], can we have our 1-1s there?
I'd love coaching on [...]

Manager expectations

I view myself as here to [help you grow, help hold you accountable to your goals, channel feedback from around the organization, ...]
I expect you to set your own agenda, track your own notes, and manage follow-ups from our 1-1s. I will add thoughts from time to time, but the agenda is primarily yours
One of my weaknesses is ... so please call me out if you see that happening
One of my pet peeves is

Joint Agreements

We will meet every [week, other week, month, ...] on [Mondays at Xam]. If one of us has a conflict, we will generally [reschedule, cancel, ...]
The agenda for each 1-1 should be set [the night before] by [employee, manager]
Every [semi-quarter] we will review goals and performance in the section


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