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Jess Hancock ⋅ Expert Tableau Developer

Available to start immediately 👔 📫 📞 +44 7401 549 304

“The data quality dashboard is arguably the best product we have delivered [...] it is down to Jess’ expertise and skills for creating such a beautiful product.”

Seth Cooke, manager at Techmodal ⋅ Feb 2022
I am an accomplished dashboard developer / business intelligence analyst who aspires to make people’s working lives easier and more rewarding through the sensitive, purposeful use of data. My skills bridge the gap between engineers and end users: I transform data into information. Through my work, decision-makers take actions they can be confident in.
4 years of consulting experience with The Information Lab — one of Tableau’s most prestigious long-term partners — has provided comprehensive experience in understanding stakeholders, wrangling data, and developing production-quality dashboards. This expertise, coupled with my enthusiasm for the role, would make me exceptional addition to the data team at Ralph Lauren.

Teaching the next generation of Tableau developers

I am currently co-authoring a comprehensive textbook on Tableau. Due for release in 2024 by the tech publisher Packt, it covers the entire Tableau suite in an accessible style, with a host of practical materials. The goal is to give people from all walks of life the skills to be a successful Tableau Developer.


Tableau Certified Data Analyst: The Complete Guidefor Packt Publishing

🕓 Nov 2023 → mid-2024 in own time

Senior Consultant

The Information Lab Ireland

🕓 Jul 2022 → Dec 2023 1 yr 5 mo
Clients included Primark KPMG PHX Ireland Inogen Surfers Against Sewage

Tableau / Alteryx Consultant

The Information Lab UK (Data School)

🕓 Feb 2020 → Jun 2022 2 yr 4 mo
Clients included Nike Coca-Cola European Partners HSBC Grant Thornton BAE Systems

Project Spotlight » Excel to Tableau migration for renowned fashion retailer


In this project, I lead the technical switch from Excel to Tableau for ~ 7 distinct teams

Rebuilt ~ 25 high-value Excel reports in Tableau — for receptive stakeholders, I took the initiative to improve dashboard clarity with more appropriate charts and interactivity
Ran 1-1 “office hour” sessions to troubleshoot existing reports and effectively transfer ownership of new ones — these sessions often included ad-hoc technical training
Key skills Rapid yet accurate dashboarding Blending unfamiliar datasets Explaining complex concepts simply and clearly
Key analytics Sales KPIs within and between departments Identification of high-risk inventory Financial reconciliation
Feedback Senior management stated the work “had achieved more in 6 weeks” than previous actions had in a year for the adoption of Tableau, technically and culturally
🕓 Nov 2023 → Dec 2023 6 weeks

Key Skill » Tableau Report Development

Dashboarding has been central to my role for the last 4 years. The two case studies below exemplify my range of skills.


£8m saved: Optimising development of the UK’s next-gen fighter jet

🕓 Apr 2021 → Jan 2022 ~ 8 mo, part-time
Brief Develop a suite of dashboards to manage the manufacturing of a prototype ‘Tempest’ aircraft
Solution 5 priority-focused parts-tracking dashboards were developed to highlight manufacturing risks — such as failed tests, missing parts, or staff shortages — and therefore prevent expensive mistakes and delays
Result Total savings over 5 years estimated at ~ £8 million in direct costs alone. Saved hundreds of hours of engineers’ time each week by replacing tedious manual look-ups, improving satisfaction as well as productivity
Key skill Gathering data requirements from stakeholders to build new database views alongside data engineers

MOST INTERACTIVE » Surfers Against Sewage

A gamified tool for schools to help ditch plastics

🕓 Jul 2023 5 days Screenshots available
Brief Create an engaging dashboard prototype for schools enrolled in SAS’s anti-pollution programme. The tool should celebrate progress to date, encourage further action, and make students feel part of a wider community
Solution Students are engaged with playful aesthetics and personalised text in a ‘scrollytelling’ style dashboard (long-form, with narrative elements). Context keeps kids invested. Their school is placed in friendly competition with others — who’s right ahead, or just behind? — and nearest neighbours are shown on a visually appealing map
Key skill Complex calculations using sets and parameters — essential to limit the dashboard to relevant schools only and avoid unsightly default behaviours for missing or outlying values

Building in Tableau Prep

Comfortable developing and troubleshooting workflows: have produced goal-oriented outputs for 3 clients


Informing marketing strategy with brand-new analytics in Prep

🕓 Nov 2020 → Dec 20206 weeks
The problem User behaviour analysis was required, but source data was too large to use directly and beset with quality issues such as duplicates and erroneous records
Built Tableau Prep workflows to output clean, Tableau-friendly data sources from the unruly SQL server
100 million + records were summarised, revealing new patterns of engagement as well as specific high-value or ‘borderline’ customers worth a tailored approach
Key skill Advanced data transformations in Tableau Prep such as ranking and the use of custom SQL to facilitate complex connections

Using Tableau Server

Working knowledge of key features and best practices: have hosted and managed reports on Server for 4 clients


Taming an untidy Tableau Server with a dynamic visual ‘Portal’

🕓 Feb 2022 → Mar 2022 ~ 8 weeks
The problem Reports had low engagement rates, in part due to Tableau Server’s intimidating size and complexity
Established a tagging system for workbooks and used ~ 8 tables of Tableau Server metadata to identify key reports and summarise their engagement statistics
Used this data to build a streamlined ‘landing page’ dashboard, tailored to each user and complete with thumbnail images. Even non-technical colleagues can engage quickly and confidently with vital reports
Key skill Knowledge of permissions, particularly when conflicting rules are set, in order to protect sensitive data

Other relevant experience

Advanced Alteryx

Certification + 4 yrs of workflow development experience
🕓 Re-issued May 2023
I am familiar with data staging and adept at ‘Extract Transform Load’ (ETL) processes.

2:1 design degree

Visual communications, Loughborough University
🕓 Graduated Jul 2019
A design background informs my iterative, highly personalised approach to dashboarding.

Entry-level Python

PCEP™ certification
🕓 Achieved Dec 2022
Data science is an interest I would like to cultivate further at Ralph Lauren.

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