HR App/ Transition Log

Issue 1 - Union Codes Issue 2 - Daily hour column reformatted Issue 3 - totalling daily profiled work hours in Pay Global

What happened
Further Detail
Root Cause/Solution
Issue 1 - Union codes did not sync, therefore following the correct script and replacing all empty values as IEA
Union codes dropped out of the file sync going into ipayroll
As correctly setup, when no union code exists, the code IEA is utilised for PG feed
just under 500 employees union status changed to IEA in PG
Still being investigated by BambooHR
Issues 1 Identified
Identified by Karen - who raised issue with Jim and Brian
Brian did quite a bit of analysis and testing, and came up with a solution to extract the union code data until the issue from the original cause was identified
Support ticket was raised with bamboo and is still being investigated
A reversal of those IEA/Unions codes was setup to feed into the following days feed to correct the issue (and it fixed all but 2 employees)
An initial response came back from bamboo inquiring on the API key used to extract the data and potentially if anyone currently with the admin level access mistakenly change the access level for the API key. Not determined yet - still investiating
Correcting issue 1 inadvertently causing Issue 2
As indicated above, the feed corrected the values in PG successfully
Issue 2 was identified by Karen, which some employees hours updated for a particular day on the feed into PG
My learning is that in most cases, errors occur as a result of someone changing something out of the normal.... and the root cause is not early obviously. Sometimes, its better to investigate further before making changes to the sync flow

I’m pretty positive that issue 2 was a result of me trying to figure out what happened in issue 1, and quickly trying to pull through a solution and prevention - without enough time.
Issue 3
Karen identified that that total profiled hours in PG were not updating in an individuals daily hours was changed
At first we thought that it was a value that bamboo was supposed to provide, but then later realised that bamboo was passing the data correctly... PG should be updating that value automatically if the daily hours change
Jim / PG investigating
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