9 Tips for Grading and Providing Helpful Feedback

Practical steps you can take to make your teaching successful

Grades can be challenging for both prof and student. Here’s some help.

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1. Create a rubric to help students understand what you’re evaluating 🎯三

2. Here's a sample grading rubric

3. Grading template:
I added a
to the
. Feel free to use it if you need a resource for tracking grades.

4. Submitting Grades in CUNY First

5. Consider recording video feedback to save time and add a personal touch.

6. Recording voice memo feedback is another option.

7. Here's how to record video feedback

8. Research supports the value of video and audio feedback

9. Focus on “feedforward” more than feedback

Here are 10 Tips for Effective Live Teaching 👇

Reminders for Supportive, Inclusive Teaching

Schedule breaks if you’re teaching for more than an hour 🕕

Provide a safe space 👁

Facilitate actively and with warmth 😃

Aim for inclusiveness 🎁

Here’s brief
and on our

Want to dig deeper? Some additional resources:

- Here’s a
on leading engaging live sessions.

- A collection of
for engaging teaching

CUNY First Grading Guide
Here are several CUNYFirst guides for seeing your class roster, entering textbooks (or affirming you don't have one), reporting attendance, and filing grades.

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