10 Tips for Teaching a Great Live Session

Practical steps you can take to make your teaching successful

Live classes are the heart of learning at the
. To help you lead engaging sessions, adapt the 10 strategies below.

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1. Begin with a warm greeting 👋😃

2. Share the agenda and objectives 🎯三

3. Engage people right from the beginning 🎬 😳

4. Spark curiosity 🎈💡

5. Share anecdotes 🗣

6. Avoid the overtalking trap 🤐

7. Use fewer slides and more activities like these... 🖼

8. Include micro-engagements — quick activities that take just 2 minutes — as well as fuller activities — to cultivate students’ skills 🙋‍♀️

9. Conclude with active reflection 🤔

10. End three minutes early ⏰

Reminders for Supportive, Inclusive Teaching

Schedule breaks if you’re teaching for more than an hour 🕕

Provide a safe space 👁

Facilitate actively and with warmth 😃

Aim for inclusiveness 🎁

Here’s brief
and on our

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