Working from the Underscore VC Boston Office

Here is a quick primer on working from the Underscore VC office:

45 School Street Building Details

The rear double door entrance opens at 7:00 AM. The front doors open at 8:30 AM. Both doors lock at 5:00 PM. You must have a badge to enter the front and back door after hours.
Note: There is no weekend access to Underscore.

Key Card Access

If you regularly visit the Underscore office and require a badge, please notify Renee and/or Marco so we can order a card for you: or . This usually takes 2-3 days. Key cards will give you access to the Underscore VC office space as well as the building front door.
(If you forget your key card, we can buzz you in remotely—please text or call via the numbers on the front door.)

Desk Seating

We have several open desks in the front open area adjacent to the kitchen/cafe area. We have a hot-desking reservation system accessible via the Robin booking platform, so please log into that portal and reserve the desk you’d like for the day. Robin will show you the configuration layout, and you can click on any of the desks available to book the one you prefer.

Conference Rooms

We have several conference rooms located around the office for booking. We also have phone rooms available for hour-long (or less) calls. Please book the room you need for the designated time and be courteous to others who need appropriate-sized meeting rooms. The office is becoming busier so all our guests must adhere to booking appropriate spaces and being time-conscious. Thank you!

Robin Conference Room Booking System

If you’d like to book a meeting space, you can do this via our Robin booking system. Robin also has descriptions and sizes of available rooms. Request access to the platform by emailing Renee. If you have a special need for an extended period, please contact Renee for assistance. (Please note that Mayor’s Office conference room needs permission to book.)

Passcodes for iPads in Conference rooms

Passcodes are either 111111 or 000000


We have Underscore VC Guest as our primary internet for guests. The password is: helloyellow
In the event that our main wifi goes down, Comcast is our backup: Comcast--Underscore Guest: @ye!!0w45


Bathrooms are located outside our office to the left and right. They require a key hanging on the rack inside our front door. Please turn the keys gently! They get stuck and break easily. Please return the keys to the rack for use by others upon your return. Thank you!


We have many items available for your use:
Glassware, plates, silverware, and napkins/paper towels
Note: We don’t have a garbage disposal, so please clean food debris into trash, and put your dirty dishes into the dishwasher.
Dishwasher tablets are under the sink.
Coffee machine makes all kinds of custom hot beverages—scroll through the menu to find your favorite coffee!
Creamer and milk in the fridge, as well as condiments
Tea and sweetener in drawers
Snacks in the wire bins

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