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Unique Selling Points

All Natural Products That Work

Our ingredients are backed by clinical studies and only found in nature
All of our products are free from harmful additives or allergens

Cold Pressed

Our soft chews are made without using heat, water, or gumming agents.
Heat can deteriorate a product’s effectiveness (as it does with kibble).
Using water requires high levels of preservatives to extend shelf life and eliminate the chance of mold.
Gumming agents help control moisture, but they can cause digestive problems in some animals.
Our process preserves the texture, flavor, and benefits of all ingredients without any of these downsides, so you can bring a superior product to market–and use those unique benefits to promote it.
Classic Extrusion
High heat (more than 300°F)
Use of water, risk of yeast and mold
Flavors negatively affected
Nutritional value ruined
Cold Extrusion
No heat or added water
Protects flavor and nutritional value
Preserves vitamins and nutrients
Fewer preservatives

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

180 Day money back guarantee
free return shipping

Made in the USA

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