Run of discussion

JB’s intro
Tamar’s quick intro
title role backgroung live in bay area family?
JB intro to the conversation
12 years at box goigng up the ladder from SWE to VPE Let’s start from the top ; Phd
Tamr talks about Phd and how got into box
what phd was about, where why go to the industry instread of staying in research and academics crashed stanford career fair - met the team Why Box? What was attracting? (enterprise, team, recognition phd, visionary ceo)
First years at Box is SWE
first woman on the team - 6 people in backend eng team scalability layer for database remained solo after people left - tech lead made a case to
Move to management
clear on the choice going into management Box gave out the 2 titles. Why management? clear notion of the tech track, bigger jump going into management so curious. bigger learning experience Agenda: what does it take to be a great tech manager then loved it despite phd in narrrow field, likes looking at all aspects as a manger you deliver output through tech mean - people and team and processes are another facette built her firstteam
Spread to other teams
management as opportunistic role - asked to take on more still today - the original team is still under me
importance of consistency within the teams your own - it needs to make sense
there needs have a narrative when taking on more teams. similar to architecture - it needs to makes sense. example when yo had to “What’s the unique vantage point of your team” dont try to accumulate scope for the sake of it
Why succesful - what made her successful
- job as a leader is to simplify things - it;s all a game of simplification - very similar to phd and research work -be impact focus - you want to become this amazong manager - dont be too people oriented dont Baby people go from “i am th emanager of those 5 peopele” to “this is the scope I own for the org” people are just one aspect you’re accountable for a scope, not people
Em to SrEM
srEM if the expert version of the job same role but expert more
Director - how did it happen
delivering impact with the core teams
showing able to take on team
showing impact beyind what she had led
you drive strategy - be in the driver seat
director promotion - ready for it, felt like a continuation
became VP with a small team you cant do it before you’re in it took time to realize - I am driving deadline, need to set things up for success - set the constraints (whereas director constraints are more imposed) redefine
retrospect EM → Director → VP
all function jumps you can Fantastic senior manager and be a terrible director different expectations Which ones were the hardest?
Now what? 4 years into VPE
love what you are doing right now PRODUCT and TECHNOLOGY just finished a fantastic GCP migration - journey the AI hype => BOX has a fantastic customer base, dataset to operate + understand so much the company, the people will never stay if not challenge you don't nee a title change to grow one day - try at leading the whole thing but not now
Rapid Fire Round/ lightning round
2 3 books you’d recommend
favorite movie / tv show
favorite interview question
favorite product recently discovered
what;s one thing you do in your free time that would surprise people?
do you still have code in production at box
What’s one question you wish I’d asked you, and how would you have answered?
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