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Hi Team,
We’re excited to announce a new opportunity for you to further your learning and development as an Engineering leader. This is a great chance for you to learn from and engage with top-tier engineering leaders.

is a new program available to you for learning and development. Join our organization and enroll in circles, mentorship sessions, peer groups and more. Get started here: [insert unique signup link]

What is Plato?
Plato is the premier engineering leadership community. They’re powered by a 1,000+ Engineering Leaders who are experts in their field.
Plat has built a comprehensive suite of products on top of this community. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with the community via those products to learn, develop, and grow as a leader.
: Experience personalized guidance, dig into specific subjects, and establish a meaningful relationship with a dedicated mentor on an individual basis.
: Engage with top mentors, explore focused topics, and connect with a limited group of peers.
: webinar-style sessions with top industry leaders. A short keynote leads into extensive Q&A with participants.
: small group of 4-5 peers meeting up on a monthly basis to share experiences and resolve one’s challenges together
Browse our community's resources to enhance your leadership skills. Plato offers a diverse range of valuable assets, such as mentorship stories, an extensive portfolio of articles, engaging videos, and insightful podcasts.

How it Works:
We’ve purchased Plato credits that can be used to enroll in their offerings. Engaging with the above products has a cost that depends on the product and the experience level of the mentor. Those credits are for you so feel free to use them without restraint for now.
You’re encouraged to mix and match to find the learning style that suits you best. Here are some suggestions based on your level: / /

Getting Started:
Sign up here to join our organization: [insert unique signup link]

We’d encourage all of you to browse , join our organization, and enroll in Mentorship, Circles and/or Peer Groups as well as sign up to the biweekly Community Q&A


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