Oasis CDP Artifact | Febuary 2024

Hey everyone! In this document I’m going to highlight some of the work I’ve been doing on Oasis’s Segment and related MarTech stack implementation through a few highlights of where things were, and how there are changing over time. So first off, the reason I’ve chosen to use a CDP like Segment while still being a small company is twofold. First, I hate managing tool spread, and Segment allows me to do things like pipe data into (Planned) or to give context to popup builder platforms like .
Here you can see an event in our dashboard that has been piped in from Segment by instrumenting analytics.js to use an event listener and analytics.track calls to send Sleeknote submissions (shown below).
Screen Shot 2024-02-25 at 3.10.56 AM.png
We also implement analytics.identify events which allow us to attach activity to previous visitors anonymousId or email on Segment using first-party cookies.
From there, we can send the identified users info to over 200+ different destinations, or to a data such as Snowflake warehouse with Reverse ETL. So there’s a lot of benefit to a CDP even for small bootstrapped companies, especially for people like me who hate any kind of chaotic organization.
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