Improving Clinician Response Time for Referrals from Advocates

Collaboration between practitioners and advocates
Committee Meeting Notes
If the doctors are too busy, what will encourage them to adopt the process
Financial incentive?
Doctors office response time is a challenge.
What are the boundaries and the relationship of an advocate as well as working with practitioners
Headhunter role -
Timeline: If you are referring someone who IS PREPPED - all info, organized, TT, detailed summary notes - takes much less time on our end to do it ourselves or put someone on it
New Pt without that take hours of onboarding work by someone.

Recommendations for Improving Clinicians' Response Time for Referrals from Advocates
Doctors’ offices and clinics tend to be very busy. There are some steps that can be taken in the referral process that help with a speedy transition. The onboarding process for MATC is time consuming which results in a slow referral process in which you ‘wait your turn’.
Challenge: Response time is too long for the referral process.

Action Items for Advocates
Have your client files prepped for the clinician.
Case Study Template filled out
Medical Documents organized: Type of document/scan; Date; Year.
Terrain Ten - Completed and Summarized
Advocate Notes/Summary of your Sessions
Lab Spreadsheet updated and properly filled out
Specialty tests - NG, 3X4 - labelled, dated, uploaded - add your notes/questions if you have them
Expectations from TAP/Client going forward

Action Items for Clinicians
Set up an easy process/automation for the Advocates
Automate: give Advocate access to a Box Folder or your own working software platform for easy file transfer
Set up a template/checklist with the items above (add your own) for the Advocate to put together the Client Package in a short timeframe. They probably already have all/most of this in their own files.

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