Event Postponed: Healing Power of Sound

Music and sound in wisdom traditions and contemporary science

At this time, the event has been postponed for Fall 2023. We pray that another time will open and in the meantime we thank you deeply for your interest. If you have any questions, please reach out to us:

Join master teacher and award winning composer Yuval Ron as he pairs cutting-edge scientific discoveries from the field of neuroscience with sacred teachings on sound and music.

The therapeutic effect that music has on the brain’s structure has become increasingly apparent as the medical community discovers what the ancient wisdom traditions have known for centuries—sacred sound, music, and practices have the power to alter the way the brain works, creating profound benefits to both physical and mental health.
In this program, Yuval Ron will give a fascinating and far-reaching perspective on how music impacts our brain and well-being. Yuval will share his experience and knowledge of healing sound and music practices from Nada Yoga, Ayurveda, Sufism, Kabbalah, Early Christianity, Chinese Medicine expanding on the neurobiological as well as spiritual dimensions of each.
Every class will include musical demonstrations, along with relevant theory and research. These practices in sacred sound and music will elevate your personal healing—and have the potential to enhance and inform the modalities you use to help heal others.

“Yuval Ron…. is a troubadour of the music of the soul. When he and his ensemble play, heaven feels tangibly near.”
– Pir Zia Inayat-Khan


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The retreat starts at 8pm on Thursday, August 31st and ends at noon on Sunday, September 3rd.
We invite you to stay for the CONCERT on Sunday evening. The Concert is open for all, and it is by donation.
Thursday Evening
Intro to the Healing Power of Sound.
Friday 3 Sessions
Nada Yoga and Ayurveda
Qi Gong
Hebrew wisdom traditions of healing sounds.
Saturday 3 sessions
Sufi chanting traditions
Early Christian wisdom tradition of healing sounds.
Sunday Morning
Sound and the Brain, Brain Entrainment technologies.
Sunday Evening Concert


Meditations on Sound from Nada Yoga and Ayurveda Students will learn about the transformational power of Nada Yoga—the yoga of sound and how Ayurveda sound practices restore the balance of energies in body and mind. ​Six Healing Sounds from Qi Gong Students will be introduced to the gentle movement art form of Qi Gong, learning about the Five Elements and Triple Warmer (San Jiao) practices. Students will explore traditional Chinese medicine healing practices that have been demonstrated to improve circulation, focus, and balance while also reducing stress and instilling peace. ​Healing Kabbalistic Chanting Traditions In this class students will learn how mystical Hebrew chants and psychological teachings of Kabbalah awaken personal insight, inspiration, and healing, as well as how these teachings harmonize the mind, body, and spirit.
Healing Early Christian Chant Traditions Students will explore the hidden wisdom of the early Christian-Coptic, Marunite, and Armenian traditions and how they used sacred chanting and mindfulness practices to experience greater levels of compassion and introspection. ​Healing Sufi Chanting Traditions, Students will experience the ecstatic and introspective practices of Sufism-Islam and its holistic practice of sacred chanting, transcendent movement, and spiritual mindfulness, all of which increase compassion and open the heart.
Sound and the Brain, Brain Entrainment Students will explore the science of sound and how certain frequencies are able to affect the listener’s mood and inner imaginal realm. Brain entrainment—the process of synchronizing brain waves to a specific rhythm—has been shown to help listeners deepen relaxation, improve quality of sleep, and enhance general well-being.


$1,625 USD
$825 USD, upon registration.
$800 USD, by August 14th.
$550, upon registration.
$550, by July 31st.
$525, by August 28th.
Scholarships will be available once we have 9 or more participants registered.
In the unlikely event of having less than 8 registrations by August 1st, the program will be held online.

Cancelation Policy
Once registered, if you need to cancel your participation please notify us via email at .


Four days, with four nights accommodations.
Meals included are breakfast, lunch and dinner for the three days. Light self-served dinner offered on Thursday.
Evening Concert on Sunday late afternoon.

Follow your heart’s calling and register soon.


Our program takes place at the International Peace Center. Serenity and relaxation await you in this splendid Moroccan-themed strawbale building, featuring six charming guest rooms.
Choose a private or shared space, we offer three single occupancy rooms, and three double occupancy rooms. All of our comfortable rooms are equipped with ensuite bathrooms, and our shared rooms’ ensuites are segmented -offering added privacy.


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Established in 2003, The Farm of Peace is the heart of the Shadhuli tariqa on the east coast. Follow a mile-long drive down a gravel lane and you will find 150 acres nestled between other farms, state game-lands, and the stunning foot hills of the nearby Allegheny Mountains of south-central Pennsylvania.
A two-hour drive from Washington, D.C., Baltimore or Pittsburgh, the Farm of Peace features a retreat and healing center, a working farm and a spiritual community; offering a holy space to deepen our spiritual walking, uncover the beauty and the secrets within our deep heart.
​Lodging takes place at the International Peace Center. A Moroccan-themed eco building with 6 bedrooms, all with private baths.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions, or want to connect please email
You may find more information on Yuval Ron and his ensemble at

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