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Dr. Jonathan Foley

Climate Scientist & Executive Director,
We Need All The Pieces & All The Tactics
Only 62% of GHGs from Burning Fossil Fuels

Must Reduce GHGs from All Sources
Must Protect Nature’s Carbon Sinks
Create New Long-Term Carbon Sinks, But Beware of Limitations
Plant Forests
Restore Carbon-Rich Soils
Restore Coastal Ecosystems
Plant Kelp Forests & Shellfish Beds
Carbon Capture & Storage
Direct Air Capture
Human-Generated Carbon Sinks are Not a Substitute for Reducing GHGs

Actively Manage a Broad Portfolio of Solutions
Health Care & Education
Indigenous Land Tenure Rights
Pursue Multiple Tactics To Bring Solutions To Scale
Set & Articulate Useful Climate Goals
Not Too Vague
Not Too Far In The Future
No Ambiguous Measures of Success
Alter Rules & Policies
Disincentivize Destructive Practices
Incentivize Better Practices
Shift Financial Capital
Change the Behavior of Business
Make Wise Investments in Technology
Avoid Unnecessary Hype & Distractions
Cheaper, Faster to Deploy, Easier To Use
See The Whole Board & Collaborate With Others
A Long, Complex Game - Over The Next Few Decades

A Race Against Time
1. Quick Wins - Low Hanging Fruit
Halt Highly Destructive Practices
Widespread Deforestation
Cut Flaring & Fugitive Methane Emissions
Cut Black Carbon (dirty cookstoves, biomass burning...)
Focus On Efficiency & Waste
Efficient Buildings & Industrial Processes
Industry (especially refrigerants)
Transportation Fuel Efficiency & Alternative Transportation
Cut Food Waste
2. New Infrastructure
Shut Down Fossil Energy Sources
Deploy Renewable Energy
Electrify Everything
Transition Every Farm & Ranch to Regenerative Practices
3. Grow Natural Sinks
Protect Earth’s Existing Carbon Sinks (forests, oceans)
Restore Ecosystems As Carbon Sinks (tree planting, regenerative farming)
4. Deploy New Tech
Make Carbon-Free Cement, Steel, Plastic & Jet Fuel
Remove Carbon From The Atmosphere
Carbon Remove MUST NOT Delay Immediate Emissions Cuts

Stage Our Climate Efforts To Maximize Our Rate of Progress

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