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Lease agreement template for FFS
Lease agreement template for FFS

Society’s covenants

The Society covenants with the Member as follows:

Quiet enjoyment
That the Member paying the rents reserved by this Lease and performing and observing the covenants contained in this Lease may peaceably enjoy the Premises during the Term without any lawful interruption by the Society or any person rightfully claiming under or in trust for it.
Repair & Maintenance
The Society will keep the structure and exterior of the Premises including the exterior windows doors roofs pipes sewers drains mains ducts conduits gutters wires cables channels flues and other conducting media inside and service the Premises in good repair and condition.
The Society will use reasonable endeavours to keep the exterior of the Premises in a good state of decorative condition.
The Society will repair, maintain, rebuild, light and clean the Communal Facilities so far as is reasonably necessary.
The Society will, if they consider it necessary (and at their sole discretion), create and maintain a sinking fund from which to fund capital improvements to the Premises and the Communal Facilities.
At all times during the Term (unless such insurance shall be cancelled, invalidated or revoked by any act or default of the Member ) to keep the Premises and the Development insured against loss or damage by fire and such other risks as the Society may from time to time reasonably determine in some insurance office of repute to its full reinstatement value (including all professional fees in connection with any reinstatement and two years’ loss of rent) and whenever required will produce to the Member the insurance policy and the receipt for the last premium and will in the event of the Premises or the Development being damaged or destroyed by fire or other risks covered by such insurance as soon as reasonably practicable make a claim against the insurers and lay out the insurance monies in the repair, rebuilding or reinstatement of the Premises or the Development as applicable.
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