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Lease agreement template for FFS
Lease agreement template for FFS

Exceptions and Reservations

There are excepted and reserved out of this demise to the Society and all others authorised by the Society or otherwise to whom right are reserved:
The rights excepted and reserved in the Society’s title number
The right to enter and remain upon so much as is necessary of the Premises on not less than 48 hours’ prior notice (except in case of emergency) with or without workmen, advisers, plant and equipment:
to ascertain whether the Member has complied with the Member’s obligations under this Lease;
to exercise any of the rights granted to the Society under this Lease or excepted and reserved by this Lease;
to value the Premises;
for any other purpose connected with the interest of the Society in the Premises or the Development;
to view and inspect the state of repair and condition of the Premises and prepare any schedule of condition or dilapidations or inventories of the Society’s fixtures; and
to carry out any repairs, remove and make good any unauthorised alterations or carry out any works which the Member should have carried out in accordance with the Member ’s obligations under this Lease.
Full right and liberty at any time after the date of this Lease to raise or reduce the height of or make any alterations or additions or execute any other works to any buildings on the Society’s Development or to build on, construct, alter, add to, develop, redevelop, extend or erect new buildings of any height on the Society’s Development in such a manner as the Society or the person exercising the right shall think fit notwithstanding the fact that the same may obstruct affect or interfere with the amenity of or access to the Premises or the passage of light and air to the Premises.
The right to connect to disconnect from reconnect to and use any Service Media in under or passing through or over the Premises for the passage or transmission of Services to and from the Development.
The right to install new Service Media within the Premises and connect to disconnect from and reconnect to them for the passage or transmission of Services to and from the Development.
The right to enter onto the Premises and any buildings thereon on not less than 48 hours’ prior notice (except in the case of emergency) for the purpose of gaining access to and thereafter installing, repairing, renovating, renewing, replacing, inspecting, maintaining, cleaning, constructing, demolishing, developing, redeveloping, or inspecting any part of or plant on the Development or any adjoining Premises (or any buildings or structures thereon).
A right in common with the Member its successors and all those authorised by it to drain onto the Premises through the natural watercourses and through the Service Media and other pipes passing over across under and through the Premises from time to time.
The right to erect scaffolding for the purpose of inspecting installing maintaining repairing replacing removing renovating connecting to disconnecting from or cleaning any part of the adjoining land belonging to the Society (including the Premises) and any buildings which are now or which may in future be erected on the Development or in connection with the exercise of any of the rights mentioned in this Schedule notwithstanding that such scaffolding may temporarily restrict the access to or enjoyment and use of the Premises.
Rights of support shelter and protection for the benefit of the Development as are now enjoyed from the Premises and such other wayleaves rights and privileges which shall be reasonably required by the Society now or at any time to be granted to statutory authorities for the benefit and advantage of the Development or any part of it;
[The right upon giving not less than 28 days’ notice to the Member to re-designate any parking spaces to other such parking space on the Development as the Society shall in its sole discretion deem appropriate and the right to temporarily suspend the Member ’s use of the parking spaces for a period not exceeding 72 hours for any reasonable purpose]
[Other rights]
PROVIDED THAT the person entering onto the Premises to exercise any of the above rights shall do so only where reasonably necessary for the exercise of the rights and shall cause as little damage and inconvenience as reasonably possible in exercising such rights and shall make good at its own expense any damage caused thereby.
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