Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated

Pi Alpha Chapter, Georgia State University

Whereas, the objectives for which this Fraternity is formed are to develop the ideals of Brotherhood Service and Scholarship; to promote the general welfare of all concerned; to carry out in an effective and systematic manner, the particular programs of, and to efficiently perform the duties and responsibilities mandated by the fraternity;
The Constitution
Article I – Name
Section 1 The name of this chapter shall be the Pi Alpha Chapter of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated; hereinafter referred as “The Chapter”
Article II – Membership
Section 1 The Chapter shall accept for membership all duly qualified men who attend Georgia State University, hereinafter referred to as the “Institution”, and who at the time of their application are in good standing with the institution; provided they are not and have never been a member of another intercollegiate fraternity other than a professional or a honorary fraternity, and that they meet any and all additional requirements established by the institution.
Section 2 Membership or non-membership in a particular race, religion or being of a particular national origin shall not be a requirement for membership in The Chapter.
Section 3 The financial roster shall be prepared by the Treasurer and shall at all times designate the current membership of the chapter.
Article III – Officers, Terms of Office, Removal of Officers
Section 1 The elected officers of the chapter shall be The President, Vice President, Secretary, The Treasurer, and Directors of National Programs. The elected officers shall be designated members of the Executive Board.
Section 2 The President shall, with the consent of the Chapter, appoint a Parliamentarian, Chaplin, and Director of Publicity.
Section 3 The elected officers of the Chapter shall be elected during the month of April. At such times as the elections, all candidates must be in good membership standing with the Chapter.
Section 4 No elected officers may serve more than two consecutive terms.
Section 5 The President, with the advice of and consent of the chapter, may appoint such other officers as the chapter may decide by resolution.
Section 6 The term of office of an elected officer shall begin with the election instillation of such officers and shall end with the election and instillation of his successor.
Section 7 The Chapter may remove any officer from the executive board for misfeasance, malfeasance, or nonfeasance in office or for conduct which tends to hold the Chapter of the Fraternity up in ridicule or contempt, or which tends to bring discredit upon the Fraternity or the Chapter, provided that written charges shall be served upon such member, and provided further that he shall have been given at least Fourteen days to answer such charges prior to any such removal.
Section 8 No officer shall be removed under the provisions of this article unless his removal shall have been agreed to by at least two-thirds (2/3) of the Chapter (present and voting) after a personal interview has been granted.
Section 9 Any officer removed under this article shall thereafter be ineligible to hold office in the Chapter.
Article IV – Duties of Officers
Section 1 The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Chapter and shall preside at all meetings of the Chapter and Executive Board. He shall explain and decide all questions of order, appoint all chairmen and members of committees provided for in the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules of Procedure. He shall serve as ex-officio chairmen of all committees, with the exception of nominating committee. If established, He shall see that all meetings be conducted with decorum and discipline and shall exercise due care that his attitude be at all times fair and impartial. He shall display a good working knowledge of parliamentary procedure and shall carry out all provisions of the Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules of Procedure. He is also responsible for holding up the duties for Liaison to the Graduate Chapter.
Section 2 The Vice President shall prepare to assume the office of the president and shall assume such office in the event of absence, death, or removal of the president. He shall head or supervise such committees as may be designated by the Bylaws.
Section 3 The Recording Secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings of the Chapter and Executive Board; taking care to record the maker and the seconding voice of all motions as well as the record of outcome of all votes. He shall notify all committees of their appointments and the assignment of business. He shall sign all official documents when requested.
Section 4 The Corresponding Secretary shall receive and present to the Chapter all correspondence. He shall be charged to respond to all necessary correspondence and shall seek guidance from the Chapter when the mandate of the Chapter does not cover the text of the correspondence.
Section 5 The Treasurer shall receive all funds on behalf of the Chapter. He shall keep a complete record of all funds received, carefully noting under which budget the funds are received. He shall keep a complete record to budgets and expenditures of various committees and officers. He shall deposit such funds in the Chapter bank account. He shall keep a complete record of all disbursements and shall make all disbursements designated by the Chapter or Executive Board after receiving signed vouchers. He shall keep an accurate record of all bills received by the Chapter.
Article V – Executive Board
Section 1 There shall be an Executive Board composed of the elected officers of the Chapter. Each member has a respective term of office. The Executive Board shall be concurrent with the terms of their elected or appointed office.
Section 2 The Executive Board shall meet at the call of the President and shall be responsible for the transaction of routine business between the regular meetings of the Chapter. The Executive Board shall be empowered to act on behalf of the Chapter, in situations of emergency, provided that a full and complete report is made to the Chapter of such actions at the next regularly scheduled meeting, and provided further that no action taken by the Executive Board by contrary to any expressed policy of the Chapter.
Article VI – Meetings
Section 1 The Chapter shall hold Meetings at such time and place, as it shall from time to time determine; provided that any regular meeting be suspended due to valid reason determine by the Executive Board.
Section 2 A special meeting of the Chapter may be called by the President upon two (2) days formal verbal notice to the membership. The President shall call a special meeting in like manner, upon request from a majority of the membership of the Chapter.
Section 3 In situations deemed emergencies, the President shall call an emergency meeting. All the members shall be contacted and made aware of its purpose. Emergency meetings do not require full quorum if all members have been contacted.
Article VII – Programs and Projects
Section 1 The National Programs of the Fraternity in which the Chapter shall participate in are Bigger and Better Business, Social Action, and Education. The Chapter shall conduct at least three activities designated to highlight each of the National Programs during each academic semester.
Article VIII – Powers
Section 1 The Chapter, subject in all respects to the authority of the Conclave and the Region, shall retain the authority, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote, to suspend members for a period not to exceed beyond the next Conclave or Regional Conference (which ever comes first); provided that written charges shall be served upon the member by the Chapter and the member shall be given at least fourteen days to answer such charges in a full hearing before the Chapter.
Section 2 Formal written notice shall be conveyed to both the National Office and the Regional office indicating the details of any suspension imposed by the Chapter upon one of it’s members.
Section 3 The Chapter shall have the authority to remove any suspension, which it imposes provided written notice of such action is made to both the National Office and the Regional office.
Section 4 The Chapter shall maintain good standing within the Fraternity the consistent execution of the programs of the Fraternity; provided the Chapter submits a formal report both to the Regional Conference and to the National Office when requested, and provided further that the Chapter shall make provisions for the Attendance of its representatives at each National Conclave and Regional Conference. The Chapter shall maintain its financial responsibility to the Fraternity as a prerequisite for its continued operation.
Article IX – Quorum
Section 1 Two-thirds (2/3) financial members of the Chapter shall constitute a Quorum for the transaction of business at any regular or special meetings, exclusive of an emergency meeting.
Article X – Parliamentary Authority
Section 1 Robert’s Rule of Order, shall serve as the Parliamentary Authority of the Chapter.
Article XI – Conflicts
Section 1 Whenever there exist a conflict between this constitution and either the Regional or the National Constitution of the Fraternity, the provisions of the latter shall prevail.
Article XII – Amendments
Section 1 The Constitution may be amended by three – fourths (3/4) vote of the financial members (present and voting) at a regular meeting of the Chapter, following the previous regular meeting at which such an amendment has been read and a copy thereof provided for the Recording Secretary.
Article I – Meetings
Section 1 The Chapter shall hold its regular meetings at least twice monthly at a time designated by the chapter at the first meeting of the scholastic year.
Article II – Financial Status
Section 1 The financial year within the Chapter shall being on the first day of classes and shall end concurrently with the last day of final exam period.
Section 2 The Chapter shall establish whatever payment plan it feels acceptable for the regular collection of chapter dues; and shall have the authority to prohibit any member who is not current, according to that rule from participating within the Chapter.
Section 3 The Chapter shall reserve the right to prohibit any member from activities within the territory under which it is chartered unless or until it has been established that such a brother is financial and has agreed to abide by this constitution.
Section 4 Dues shall be levied upon each member of the Chapter as chapter dues for each academic year, as designated by the Executive Board and approved by the Chapter.
Section 5 The Chapter treasurer shall transmit all necessary National and Regional dues to the National office no later than December 14th so that the chapter neither suffers penalty nor loses to vote in National or Regional meetings.
Article III – Transfers to the Chapter
Section 1 The Chapter shall not accept any application of transfer unless the applicant can provide evidence of current financial status or unless such dues as may be necessary within the Chapter.
Section 2 A transfer member shall be a financial member of the Chapter for one year before he can be elected to the Executive Board.
Article IV – Committees
Section 1 The President, acting on behalf of the Chapter shall establish the following standing committees on or before the first regular chapter meeting of the year:
The Bigger and Better Business Committee
The Bigger and Better Business Committee shall design such programs as may promote and foster ideals for effective organization, improvement, and expansion and the dissemination and propagation of information for the advancement of sound business principles and practices. The committee shall assist the membership in the preparation of updating or personal resumes.
The Education Committee
The Education Committee shall design such programs as may promote academic, economic, and business education.
The Social Action Committee
The Social Action Committee shall design such programs as may promote the social welfare and full participation of all persons within society. The committee shall carry out such programs as provide needed social services. The committee shall maintain a close working relationship with the appropriate campus and citywide social action organizations.
Section 2 The President, acting on behalf of the Chapter shall establish the following standing committees on or before the first regular chapter meeting of the year:
The Budget Committee
The Budget shall be composed of the President, Treasurer, and appointed members as needed by the President and approved by the Chapter. The committee shall be charged with the development of a working Chapter budget based upon the regular participation of the Chapter within the Fraternity and the programs of the Institution.
The Membership Committee
The Membership committee shall develop all necessary procedures, in accordance with the rules of the Regional and National conference, for the orientation of new members. The Vice President shall be a chairman on this committee, and the other chairmen shall be appointed by the President and approved by the Chapter.
Article V – Delegates
Section 1 The President shall attend or see that representative attends all official Regional and National conferences at which representation is required.
Section 2 The Chapter delegate shall be required to prepare a full report of each meeting attended.
Article VI – Responsibilities of the Vice President
Section 1 The Vice President shall be responsible, as the executive coordinator, for all committees within the Chapter, which relates to the general Fraternity programs. He is specifically responsible for the committees on Bigger and Better Business, Education, and Social Action.
Section 2 The Vice President shall assume supervision, as executive coordinator over such committees as the President may designate.
Section 3 The presence of the Vice President shall in no way limit or prohibit the designated committee or its chairmen from full exercise of their respective duties.
Article VII – Amendments and Revisions
Section 1 These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote by financial members of the Chapter.
Rules of Procedure
Rule 1 The following agenda shall stand adopted for chapter meetings.
Call to order by the President
Opening devotion
Reading of the previous minutes
Elected officers reports
Committee Reports
Unfinished Business
New Business
Good and Welfare (informal discussion)
Rule 2 Any member who offers a motion shall be permitted to speak in favor of that motion before any concurring or opposing position is heard.
Rule 3 No member shall be permitted to speak more than once on a particular motion.
Rule 4 The Chair shall entertain as much as possible, alternating views on any particular subject.
Rule 5 The Secretary shall produce a type copy of the minutes by next Chapter meeting and be made accessible to the Chapter.
Rule 6 All committee chairmen shall make their reports and submit a type copy to the secretary.
Rule 7 All officers shall remain responsible for duties assigned to them and accepted by them in the presence of the chapter regardless of whether they are able to attend the meeting at which their report is due. Officers who anticipate absence from a meeting shall provide the secretary with their reports prior to the meeting.
Rule 8 The dress requirement for chapter meetings shall be (business/business casual) unless otherwise stated by the president prior to the start of the meeting.
Rule 9 Only three demerits (3) for non-fulfillment of chapter obligations are granted to members at no cost. Any demerits after the three specified demerits will result in a five-dollar fine ($5.00) for each thereafter. This includes non-participation in sponsored activities (including chapter dress up day). Lack of payment at the following meeting will result in loss of financial status within the chapter unless officially excused by the President. Lateness ( President’s approval or _____ of event. Notice due at 48 hours prior to date or at the President’s discretion.)
Rule 10 Tuesday of each week will be designated as Chapter dress day. Business/Business casual will be the dress. Thursday of each week will be designated as Greek letter day unless altered by executive order.
Organization Agreement, Hazing Policy, and Non-discrimination Policy
Georgia State University
Non-Discrimination: Membership, leadership and participation in the organization must be open to all students without regard to race, color, sex (unless exempt under Title IX), age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, or status as a U.S. veteran.
Hazing Policy: This organization prohibits its members, both individually and collectively from committing any acts of hazing as defined in the Student Code of Conduct at Georgia State University.
Organization Agreement: This organization agrees to abide by the Georgia State University Student Code of Conduct. Furthermore, agrees to abide by all Student Activities policies, to check the organization’s Panther Involvement Network (PIN) account, mailbox, communicate via email upon request, update the organization’s records on PIN, attend a student organization orientation annually, and renew the organization by May 1st.
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