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We will always post important updates to the Neighborhood's Listserv/Email Group as well.
If you or someone you know lives in Plantation Acres, and has not joined the listserv but would like to, send an email to Jakob Gollon -
UPDATES (Last updated 4/2/20)

4/6 - Lynn Flowers - Masks for Neighbors
Hello Neighbors,
I have been sewing 100% cotton double layer face masks for several medical centers and nurses in the past few weeks. Since the recommendation went out for everyone to wear some kind of mask out in public I have now been making them for family and friends. I would also like to offer some to our neighborhood for those who may need them. They are on a table in my driveway for self service. Please read the information that I have placed out with them first thing. If you come here to get one please bring a papertowel to pick it up with or wear gloves - remember I have handled them myself. You will need to wash in hot water before wearing. These are free for the taking but if you'd like to leave a donation I have a box for that. I have so far made 114 masks and will continue as long as my old faithful sewing machine holds out. Let me know if you have questions/concerns.
Lynn Flowers
218 James Street
3/31 - Weekly Neighborhood Calls
We have decided to host a Weekly Neighborhood Video Call on the app - Zoom - for any and all who would like to share information and ask questions. These will take place every Tuesday at 7:30pm (indefinitely).
We've also decided to host (randomly) Neighborhood 'Block Parties' to socialize, tell jokes, read poems, play music, share a story, etc.
Victor Jimenez will send out an invite on the day of via the Listserv.
If you are not on the listserv and would like to know about either of these events, email Victor at
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