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How to Pitch Your Ideas for Guest Posts

Guest Posting is a terrific way to gain new readers and prospects for your blog. But it is difficult to nail the art of getting accepted as a Guest blogger. Do you want to write guest posts but are wondering how to pitch your ideas for guest posts? If yes, you are in the right place. We have discussed all the points to help you pitch your ideas to guest posts. So, the next time you ask this question, “how to pitch your ideas for Guest Posts”, you know the art of getting approved on your ideas.

Research the Target Blog or Website for Guest post

Knowing what your target blog/website is plays a crucial role in submitting your guest post to the right audience. If you don’t know how to find the right platform, here is a simple example to help you understand it in a better way.
If you wish to send a guest post on web design, you just need to type ‘’ on Google’s search engine and click search. All the top results will be shown in a fraction of a second.
Now you can pick any target blog or website that has the same type of audience that you wish for your blog/website.
You can use this opportunity in 3 ways:
Personal Anecdotes – Want to build human connections, go with personal stories. Personal stories easily connect with readers and make your content quite compelling. It will help in amplifying your business growth in ways you can’t think of!
Sharing Industry Expertise – Are you an industry leader looking to share your industry knowledge? Finding top blogs and websites that resonate with your expertise is a perfect way to stand ahead of your competitors.
Sharing your opinion – Just like newspapers have opinion pages, you can contact platforms that provide you a chance to offer your voice and opinions regarding a certain topic. But make sure your opinion is informational and provides a fresh perspective removing redundancies from the already discussed topics.
So, now let us learn how to pitch your ideas for guest posts in detail below.

How to Pitch Your Ideas for Guest Posts

Do you know around perform pitching to reach out for guest posts to about 10 or fewer sites per month, while about 7% conduct pitching to 100 or even more blogs in a full month? If you are a budding blogger, this practice can be useful to make your blog earn good traffic with organic growth. You can follow the six given steps to pitch to any target guest blog without any errors.

1. Read the guest post guidelines carefully

Before you dive into the actual writing of the content for a brand or platform, you have to wrap your mind around the brand and what it publishes on its online platform. One of the best practices is to go through other guest blogs that are already written on the blog to know the gist of the topics and understand the tone, sense, and writing style. While analyzing the guest blogs, try to understand the commonalities between them. Check what is unique about their guest blogs. For example, whether the blogs are offering expert opinions on something or they are sharing personal experiences and stories.
Never go for writing the content and then placing it on the blog. All the blogs and platforms are different so it is essential to understand their needs before you curate your content. You must go through the blog to understand the submission process and specific guidelines if they are mentioned anywhere.
You should pick your best 5 blogs and domains and conduct comprehensive research to understand their content and look for specific guidelines. Adhering to the specific guidelines of the particular blog or platform will further elevate the acceptance rate of your guest post.

2. Write a proper introduction

Always create a proper and crisp introduction with a friendly tone for your email. You should not extend the email by exaggerating the body. Stay simple and straightforward by introducing yourself and your work. Highlight the point about the perks that they will get from your content. Try to explain how you will be an asset to their brand in the long run.
Also, make sure that the email is grammatically correct and that you spell the name of the recipient and other particulars correctly. This is crucial as you want to go for a good first impression and wrong spellings are not the ideal way to go. So, double-check everything to be fully sure of no proofreading errors.

3. Reach out through Email

With a clear and concise subject line, your pitch needs to be fully customized to get the editor’s attention at first look. Make sure you write a pitch that is best suited for their platform so that they have no reason to reject you. An easy formal way to get the editor interested is “Pitch for Publication Name, Topic Name”. Also, while curating the personalized email, make sure you are respectful at all times.

Focus on the Subject Line

You have to remember that a successful pitch always includes an excellent subject line that acts as a hook for the readers. Your target should be to persuade the readers as soon as they open your email. So, it is necessary to have a crisp and catchy subject line. Let us understand this with an example. Here are two subject lines:
1. Guest Post Inquiry
2. Follow your gut feeling. This Video is the Right For You
Whenever anyone reads the above two subject lines, it is obvious that readers will like to check out the mail with the second subject line. So, it is necessary to write a good subject line for your email.

3. Explain your guest post objective

Once you have understood all the guidelines, tone, and sense of the target platform, it is time to come up with some topic ideas. While researching the ideas, keep SEO at the back of your mind as picking a topic with high-volume keywords will tell the target platform that you know your stuff and raise the chances of acceptance.
You can pick some trending topic and add your unique touch to it. You should stay away from repetitive material unless the target blog has asked you to work on it specifically.
Write short summaries for all the topics. You have to include a heading and a summary. You can add a relevant anchor text and SEO keyword but both are optional. Keep your summary brief and mention the key products are services if there are any.

4. Share your previous guest post submissions

If you have some professional links for your previous guest posts then send those links to the brand or platform that you are targeting. In case you don’t have any professional links, then you can send your own website or any other online reference where your content is shining.
However, don’t try to advertise anything. Try to explain the challenges you faced and how you overcame them. Keep in mind that the people want to understand your personal story, not a service advertisement.

5. Short is sweet

We know we covered a lot of pointers, but you don’t have to cover it in a long and detailed manner. Since you must save the content details until you write the full article, you must provide a sneak peek into the topic to grab the readers’ attention.
The must-haves of a short pitch:
1. An introduction to your identity
2. A simple explanation of how your writing can contribute to serve their audience
3. A short list of topic ideas
4. Key Takeaways for your readers
So, now that you know it is not crucial to share your final article draft in the initial pitch, you can channel your energy into getting the idea approved. Once this task is done, you should deliver the final draft for publishing.

6. Provide the correct information to reach you

Your pitch mail is going to be forwarded a lot. So, it is essential that you make sure that all the people can contact you easily. You should always add your correct contact details at the end of the email with which brand and other platforms can connect with you quickly without going through any unnecessary hassle.

Wrapping up

Pitching to guest blogs can be a cumbersome task. If you start pitching your ideas in advance, you can save a lot of your research efforts. Now that you have gained all the tips on how to pitch your ideas for guest posts, it is time to jot down all the main points and make them a reality. Also, make sure you don’t keep waiting for a response from one blog or website. It is a healthy practice to pitch to 10-20 blogs to expect at least 5 responses.
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