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Design Process

Below is the design process for your outdoor design.
We offer this proposal, including all original concepts and designs, with the agreement that you will not share them publicly, on social media, or with outside contractors without the permission of Pratt Guys. We do encourage you to share the site internally with your family and friends and build excitement for your project!

Design Waivers

1️⃣ Color and Selection Waiver: The drawings' materials and colors are for conceptual purposes only and may not represent your final selections. The Material and Color Selection Finalization Form takes priority over any shown materials or colors. Please note that actual colors may vary from what is seen on monitors or when printed.
2️⃣ Landscape Waiver: Any landscaping depicted on renderings is for conceptual purposes only. Client must obtain landscape plan to verify specific plant species and sizes.
3️⃣ Special Features Waiver: Depictions of special features such as water and fire features are for conceptual purposes only. The velocity and volume of the water or fire will vary.
4️⃣ Engineering Waiver: Structural elements depicted on renderings are for conceptual purposes only. Engineering takes precedence over the size, location, and products used for structural masonry, wood framing, roofing, floors, etc.


Last Updated on 4/17/24

3D Renderings

Concept #2

15_2 - Photo.jpg
15_1 - Photo.jpg
16_10 - Photo.jpg
15_4 - Photo.jpg
16_5 - Photo.jpg
16_7 - Photo.jpg
16_6 - Photo.jpg
16_8 - Photo.jpg
15_3 - Photo.jpg
16_9 - Photo.jpg
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Concept #3

12_13 - Photo (copy).jpg
11_2 - Photo.jpg
11_5 - Photo.jpg
11_6 - Photo.jpg
11_1 - Photo.jpg
11_7 - Photo.jpg
11_3 - Photo.jpg
11_4 - Photo.jpg
11_9 - Photo.jpg
11_8 - Photo.jpg
11_10 - Photo.jpg
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Flythrough Animation of Concept #2 & Concept #3

to see animation in full screen

Shade Structure Options:

Tuuci Solanox Cabana
option 1_6 - Photo.jpg
option 1_10 - Photo.jpg
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Ledge Lounger Shift Daybed
option 2_6 - Photo.jpg
option 2_10 - Photo.jpg
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Video Comments

Feasibility Study

Address: 1661 Riverside Ave (Roof) ​Zone Type: PUD (Ordinance 2003-1164)
Structures cannot extend past the building horizontally.
The building department may enforce safety requirements for how close structures can be to the edge, which may require additional reinforcement/engineering to support the weight, fencing, etc.
Height of Structures:
The maximum height of all structures is 55', as measured from the established grade at the highest point of the Property.
A resident entertainment room may be located up to twelve 12' above the height of the structure as depicted on the Site Plan.
As provided in Section 656.405, City of Jacksonville Zoning Code, spires, cupolas, antennas, chimneys and other appurtenances not intended for human occupancy may be placed above this maximum height; however, they shall not exceed five 5' above the height of the structure.
No wireless communications facilities, antennas, or satellite dishes may be visible above the maximum height of any structure or mounted to the outside of any structure.
Max Lot Coverage/Impervious
The overall design intent of the development is for the buildings to be linked to an compatible with each other and to capture the historic spirit of the area. Because it is located in the Riverside/Avondale Preservation District, the development will obtain a certificate of appropriateness and its design will be reviewed by historic preservation staff.

Predesign Study

Tucker - WEST.jpg
Shading: West Facade
Tucker - SOUTH.jpg
Shading: South Facade
Tucker - NORTH.jpg
Shading: North Facade
Tucker - EAST.jpg
Shading: East Facade
Tucker - CLIMATE.jpg
Tucker - SEASONS.jpg
Tucker - ENERGY.jpg
Energy Demand

Preliminary Layout Concepts

Concept #1


Concept #2


Concept #3


Concept #4


2D Layout Concept Updates

Concept #2


Concept #2 Revisions:

Added corner planter
Added cornhole boards
Extended railing bar
Replaced dog park with hammock chair area
Replaced loungers with outdoor living room seating

Concept #3


Concept #3 Revisions:

Extended outdoor kitchen and added pass through
Eliminated outdoor sculpture

Site Legend

1. Structure
image (81).png
Attached Shade Structure
image (82).png
2. Furniture
image (86).png
Hammock Chair
Screenshot 2023-11-13 115519 copy.jpg
Cabana Day Bed
image (87).png
Curved Bench
3. Fire Feature
Linear Fire Pit
Boulder Fire Pit
4. Misc
image (83).png
Railing Bar
Outdoor Sculpture
image (84)2.png
Potted Plants
Dog Park Equipment

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