Client Meetings - Conrad

Client Meeting
110 Electrical & Low Voltage
Provide an image showing the project footprint overlayed on satellite image of existing yard to give a better sense of the space and size.
Include rough dimensions
See attachment column
Discussed pool safety requirements.
Rachael did not like the idea of adding a pool fence around the project or on the property line. She also did not like the idea of a baby barrier going around the pool.
Potential option would be to add a path around the project and install the baby barrier on that. I discussed this option with Adam (one of the owners). He recommended we not use this option. Adding the path and that much baby barrier will be expensive. And if you don’t actually use the baby barrier, you are liable. He highly recommended using the pool fence around the project area. The landscaping will make it less noticeable.
Discussed possibly having pea gravel area beyond corner of house to provide a good spot for sunbathing on loungers. Don’t want to block access to sanitary pipe to septic tank.
Discussed poor existing drainage. Existing swale overflows in big storms. The sunken kitchen/fire pit area could be a problem if there’s no where for the gravity drain to go. I need to take some more terrain elevation measurements.
I will look at options to update the design that will improve the drainage.
Robert sent the new survey. Now Justin and I will work with the building department to update the development area to account for the project footprint.
Determine if existing Sylvester Palm Trees can be transplanted.
Confirmed we can transplant existing Sylvester Palm Trees. There is some risk they won’t make it, but they should work.
Conrad - Frame 10.jpg
Conrad - Frame 9.jpg
Determine which lights can change colors
Confirmed all pool and spa lights are color changing
Eliminate jumping rock
Change shallow end depth from 3’-2” to 3’-6”
Lower swim up bar stools so that water is approximately level with belly button.
We discussed that this will increase the height between the stool and countertop. May alter how you rest arms or eat at the bar.
Experiment with adding steps between shallow end and deep end. Steps won’t go all the way down to 7’. Just a partial stairway to make it easier to get out of the deep end.
Add deck jets.
Eliminate volleyball net.
Expand deep end into the current shallow end. Expand deep end towards rear property line as well to create more space between grotto and cabana.
New Layout
110 Electrical & Low Voltage
New Layout
Don’t want pool to wrap around the cabana
Screenshot 2022-12-02 142242.png
Still wants sunken area. Sticking with plan to raise pool deck 18”, but doesn’t want exposed pool shell. So we’ll put steps in front of the raised pool deck. Keep beach entry.
Screenshot 2022-12-02 142242.png
Keep grotto and spa connected
Screenshot 2022-12-02 142242.png
Keep cabana and fire pit in approx. same location
Screenshot 2022-12-02 142242.png
See pic of septic tank. Not trees close by. Roots cannot interfere.
Wrap around grotto at end of pool, keep spa to the side?
Screenshot 2022-12-02 142242.png

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