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Measure Customer Loyalty with Net Promoter Score

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Follow-up Email Templates

Add your info below to auto-populate your follow-up emails:
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The following information will replace {x} in your templates below:

{1} = Customers First Name
{2} = Customer’s Company
{3} = Your Calendar Link (add above!)
{4} = Your G2 Review link (add above!)
{5} = Your Company
{6} = Your Name

Promoter Follow-up
Hi {1}, We’re so happy to hear that you’d recommend {5} to your friends and family! Shout it from the rooftops? We’d love a public review on our G2 page to help show other customers what we’re all about. You can leave a public review here: {4} Bonus: We’re giving away a free month of service to ten customers who review us this month! Thanks again, -{6}
Detractor Follow-up
Hi {1}, Thanks for responding to our NPS survey. We’re sorry to hear that you wouldn’t recommend us, and we’d love an opportunity to learn more about what we could do to improve. What could we be doing better? -{6}
Passive Follow-up
Hi {1}, I’m the very real person here at {5} who received your NPS response recently. Thank you so much for responding! What could we do to improve your experience? We take user feedback seriously, and yours will help us make our business better for everyone. If you have a moment, we’d love to hear more from you. Better yet, would you like to find time to connect? Here’s my calendar link: {3} Thanks so much! -{6}
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