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Southfield Park Prospective Buyer

General information for prospective buyers of buildings or lots within Southfield Park Business Center in the City of Centennial, Colorado.
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1. History of Park

Southfield Park (SFP) was founded on May 8, 1981 as a premier covenant based business park located in Arapahoe County and the City of Centennial. The 165 acre park boundaries are Lone Tree Creek to the East, Peoria Street to the West, Cherry Creek State Park to the North and Arapahoe Road to the South. Insert PDF of current Plat map of the park here.
SFP’s 68 lots are divided into three distinct Use areas: Thoroughfare Business (B-5), Office/Light Industrial (I-1) and Industrial Limited (I-L). (Link the Use portion of this website where Use is bolded) SFP has high quality standards for its buildings and landscaping. Its Design Review Committee (DRC) is dedicated to insuring that future projects meet all elements of the Covenants and are harmonious and compatible with the neighboring buildings within the park.

2. Covenants

SFP has Covenants that define the conditions and restrictions of the park. The Covenants are a legal component of each lot in the park and all owners of these lots are bound by the Covenants when he/she develops his/her lot.
A copy of the Covenants can be found here:
For this reason the Design Review Committee (DRC) strongly advises that any party planning to develop within the park thoroughly read the Covenants prior to lot purchase/lot development to make sure his/her project complies with the Covenants and its Uses. The DRC also strongly recommends having a DRC pre-submittal meeting prior to creating construction drawings so that the DRC can provide early guidance to the project.

3. Use Definitions

Section 5.1 of the Covenants identify the Permitted Uses for each lot in the park. The Use definitions for the park (B-5, I-1 and I-L) come from the Arapahoe County Zoning Resolution from January 28, 1980.
A copy of the Zoning Resolution can be found here:
In addition to the language for each Use definition, the following Uses are allowed for all lots in SFP: Public and quasi-public buildings and/or uses of administration, educational, religious, cultural or public service nature.

4. The Board/DRC/Manager

The SFP Board was created in 1981 to make sure the Covenants of SFP are followed by all lot owners. It also coordinates the maintenance of the common areas of the park and selects the park’s Manager. The Board is currently made up of five members, each serving a three year term. The Board members are:
Term Expiration
Term Number
Term length
Term start
U manage id
Roger Crawford
Vice President
3 Years
Mike Smith
3 Years
Bob Harr
3 Years
Asif Muhammad
3 Years
Pam Bailey
Member at large
3 Years
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The SFP Design Review Committee (DRC) consists of all SFP Board Member plus an Architect. The DRC’s purpose, as stated in section 3.1 of the Covenants, is to:
“Maintaining a style and nature of building design which is homogeneous to the area’s physical setting”
The SFP DRC Architect is:
Mark Bowers

SFP is managed by Specialized Property Management, Inc. The Property Manager is:
Elisabeth N. French
19590 E. Mainstreet, Suite 208
Parker, CO 80138
The SFP Manager duties include: invoicing SFP lot owners association dues, creating monthly financial statements, following up on past due accounts, assisting the board with annual budgeting, assisting SFP’s CPA with annual tax return preparation, paying monthly bills, preparing RFP’s as needed, attending board & DRC meetings and keeping minutes, assisting with website development and maintenance, covenant enforcement, sending notices to SFP association members, assisting Title Companies with status letters and legal documents.
Please schedule all DRC Pre-submittal/Final Submittal meetings, billing issues or Covenant concerns with the park with the Property Manager. She will schedule the Board and/or the DRC members to meet with you.

5. Centennial BP-100 zoning & SFP Covenants

All new projects or improvements within SFP must be submitted and receive approval from both the City of Centennial and Southfield Park DRC. Whenever there is a conflict between the City zoning requirements and the Southfield Covenants, the more restrictive standard prevails.

6. Design Review Committee (DRC) Pre-submittal process

The DRC also strongly recommends having a DRC pre-submittal meeting prior to creating construction drawings so that the DRC can provide early guidance to the project.
The DRC will review the Use of the project along with general design guidelines to make sure the project goes as smoothly as possible.
Please have your Architect read Section V. of the Covenants to make sure your project is designed with SFP’s Development Standards. Ideally, a proposed site plan and building renderings should be brought to the presubmittal meeting.
We recommend that both the land owner and the Architect attend this meeting.
There is no cost for the pre-submittal meeting.
Please schedule a DRC Pre-submittal meeting with the Property Manager, Jean Fowler, at 303.841.0456. She will schedule the Board and/or the DRC members to meet with you.
You will also need to do a separate pre-submittal with the City of Centennial.

7. Design Review Committee (DRC) Final Approval process

Once you have completed your pre-submittal meetings with the SFP DRC and the City of Centennial, your Architect will complete construction drawings for your project. If your Architect has questions during this design process, please have him/her contact the SFP Architect, Doug Wagner, at 303.883.6774 or .

Complete the attached submittal form for full scale projects:
Complete the attached submittal form for small scale projects (e.g. Sheds, Signs, etc.):
Please schedule a DRC Submittal meeting with the Property Manager, Jean Fowler, at 303.841.0456. Provide her with all items listed on the attached check lists along with the applicable feed. She will schedule the Board and/or the DRC members to meet with you.
Once the DRC has reviewed your project per section 4.2 of the Covenants, a DRC member will contact you with any questions. Once all questions have been addressed, the DRC will issue you an Acceptance or Rejection letter/email.
Once your project has received an Acceptance letter from the DRC (per section 4.4 of the Covenants) and a building permit from the City of Centennial, you may begin construction of your project.
DRC approvals are good for one year from their date of issue.

8. Budget/Association Dues

The Board and the Manager will meet annually to determine a budget for the upcoming year. The budget will be ratified at the annual meeting.
The Manager will then bill all property owners their pro rata share of this budget quarterly.

9. Status Letter/Refinancing Letter/PUD Questionnaire

Lot owner selling or re-financing their SFP property should have their Title Companies contact the Property Manager to issue Dues status letters and other reports as required. A $295.00 fee is charged for this service, payable to Specialized Property Management, Inc. by the parties involved.
The Property Manager contact information is:
Elisabeth N. French
19590 E. Mainstreet, Suite 208
Parker, CO 80138

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