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inventXYZ Coding Challenge

Thanks for showing interest in working or interning at inventXYZ!

A lot of our software work happens to be related to data mining school district websites which are often in unstructured formats.

The challenge below tests your knowledge of the HTML DOM and how you approach writing JavaScript. You could also use Python if you’re more comfortable with that.

The expected time for this task is 20-40 minutes.

It’s ok if it takes a bit longer - what we care about is your process and what your code looks like.
The code to do the following should be entirely testable within the console in Chrome/Edge/Safari/Firefox (if you hit F12).

The challenge:

One thing we are trying to do is map every one of our hands-on, real-world inventcurriculum projects that we are designing for high school students to standards that every student is supposed to address while going through high school.
E.g. AP Standards, Common Core, etc.
One of those standards is the . For standards about modern computer science, this site seems to be written in PHP, so it precompiles the page and then sends it to the user. As far as we can tell, there is no easy API to fetch the standards in a clean format.
Your task is to take the Practices from their website (which look like this)
And convert that to a machine readable format.
Specifically, a JSON array of Practices and all of their sub details in the following format.
"Practice Number" : integer,
"Core Practice" : string,
"Overview" : string,
"Practice statements" : [
"Practice Statement Number" : integer,
"Practice Statement" : string,
"Progression" : string
You can get the standards from:
And you can use to help you understand what each field of the practice is.
The image is reproduced here for reference:

Submission output

For the submission, we want both
Your final JSON output
Your code

We’re curious about the methods that you use, the way you name your variables or document your code, the runtime complexity. Don’t do anything different than what you’d normally do.

Email your submission to using the subject `${your_first_name} ${your_last_name} Coding Challenge`

We can go over your solution in person if/when we talk for an interview!

If you have questions, feel free to email us as well at using the subject `${your_first_name} ${your_last_name} Coding Challenge`

Thanks! Excited to meet you!

Nikil Ragav
Founder / CEO

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