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Ivy Energy

Company Overview:

Ivy Energy (Ivy) is a multi-family net metering SaaS virtual grid platform unlocking clean energy benefits and savings for both tenants and property owners.


Ivy Energy has created a software platform to provide multifamily housing owners with a way to segment and meter individual units to accurately provide energy savings on billing for those who opt into a solar program. Ivy acts as the transaction platform for last-mile delivery of solar electricity, acting as the main platform to gain benefits from a building’s solar assets.

The platform itself functions in three ways:

A community value ledger
EV charging schedule & reservation
Event notifications
A virtual grid to distribute benefits based on scoring
Surplus Power Hour & Optimal Usage Insights
In unit display & device integration control
A financial administration and billing transaction platform

Founder Interview

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Business Model and Status:

Ivy Energy’s business model is a traditional SaaS subscription model, charging the property owner for the number of units in their building:
$-/month per unit – residential
$—/month per unit – commercial
Ivy Energy has begun generating revenue and has contracted with XX companies and property owners accounting representing over XX,000 units across California.
For traction, Ivy is implementing its growth strategy plan, working with major multifamily home representatives in solar, including SunPower, SunRun and CalPower. Ivy’s top-of-funnel sales pipelines currently includes X,000 units comprising XXX,000 units.



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Current Round:

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Use of funds
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Previous Funding
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Market Opportunity:

The market for Ivy Energy consists of commercial and residential multifamily construction utilizing solar energy for their rental properties. With 30 million households renting in the United States, Ivy’s estimated TAM is $2.8 Billion in ARR, with a SAM of 4.1 million rental homes resulting in $393.3 million ARR in California and other states with higher of solar adoption.
California serves as the optimal beachhead market for Ivy, as the state requires all new multifamily units to have solar. This includes the roughly 300,000 units of new construction permitted and being built across the state. Additionally, there are a significant number of policies and initiatives from state legislatures and public utilities to drive further adoption of solar for the residential and commercial sector, ultimately increasing the need for net metering and billing services such.
The US energy landscape is increasingly moving towards a decentralized energy infrastructure, as the adoption of solar technology is increasing throughout the country as the unit economics and regulation are pushing the energy transition to the front of the battle against climate change.

Competitive Landscape

Ivy Energy’s main competition are submetering companies who track the consumption of energy in the multifamily homes. Ivy has a competitive advantage over these types of institutions at most of these companies do not have consumer-based transactions as a part of their core business. While the capabilities to recreate Ivy’s model are not out of reach, a first-mover advantage to providing these capabilities will allow Ivy to remain competitive and capture a foothold in the market.

Examples of competitors include:

– Developed a submetering platform to monitor and bill for tenant electricity consumption
– Creating property management tools to track and prevent the impact of rising utility costs

Leadership Team:

, Co-Founder & CEO - Dover is a second-time founder in the solar industry, previously founding Grid.Technologies. Dover is a career solar expert helping build and commercialize new technologies and strategies through sales and operations.
, Co-Founder & Head of Operations - With over a decade’s worth of experience in renewable energy design and land development, Logan is poised to lead the structuring and management of internal operations and product.
– Founding Engineer - An experienced software and applications engineer, Sean is capable of bringing a product from scratch to production, with experience ranging from IBM Watson integrations for discovery to novel software development for the South Korean military
– Co-Founder, VP of Business Development, Advisor - Chris is a entrepreneur in the software space, developing programs and applications such as screen sharing and CRMs well before its time. Chris has experience bring a product to market, and has previously dealt in multi-family real estate businesses prior to Ivy.

Established In: 2016
Headcount: 13
Name: Dover Janis – Co-Founder & CEO
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