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The story of the GM

Once upon a time, in a world pulsating with ambition and audacity, there existed a young man who dared to defy convention. With a brazen disregard for the traditional path, he cast aside the chains of academia and ventured into the realm of YouTube, the modern oracle of our age. There, amidst the digital cacophony, he discovered a fervent passion for languages—an insatiable hunger to unravel the intricate tapestry of linguistic diversity. Fueled by this unyielding drive, he resolved to dedicate the next four years to perfecting his craft, forsaking the comforts of certainty for the perilous journey of entrepreneurship.
And so, his odyssey began.
In this boundless world of online content creation, where fame and fortune lay tantalizingly within reach, he etched his name into the annals of YouTube history. With each video he unleashed, he witnessed his star ascend to stratospheric heights. The coffers overflowed, adventure coursed through his veins, and radiant health was his steadfast companion. It seemed that every stroke of his keyboard birthed a viral phenomenon, a testament to his unwavering allure. Yet, amidst this symphony of triumph, a vision simmered within him—an ambition unfulfilled, a dream yet unexplored.
His ambition? To forge his own language learning app, a realm where existing giants like Anki and Duolingo would tremble before his ingenuity. Destiny conspired to bring him face to face with a seasoned mobile developer, Alcuin—an entrepreneur of equal fervor and unquenchable thirst for innovation. Together, they kindled a fiery connection, and from that crucible emerged a shared mission—to revolutionize the realm of language learning and consign mediocrity to the ash heap of history.
But as with all grand endeavors, the path was strewn with obstacles.
As Ikenna's star burned bright, his health flickered and dimmed. An insidious virus, contracted in the early months of 2020, triggered a cascade of physical afflictions. The fervor for language learning waned, usurped by the harsh realities of his ailing body. Sitting for extended periods became a struggle, while walking itself became an agonizing marathon. Weakness gnawed at his spirit, accompanied by the unsettling rhythm of heart palpitations. And yet, through it all, the indomitable flame of his dedication to building the language learning app, alongside his co-founder Alcuin, propelled him forward.
From his bedridden exile, Ikenna summoned a formidable team, a fellowship of like-minded individuals whose hearts burned with the same zealous flame. United in their passion, they toiled tirelessly—designing, prototyping, and meticulously shaping the contours of the language learning app. Ikenna, even in the throes of physical torment, pressed on, recording YouTube videos to ensure the lifeblood of funding continued to flow. Slowly but surely, Ikenna, Alcuin, and their devoted comrades transformed their extraordinary vision into tangible reality. Years were spent in clandestine refinement, until their creation emerged from the shadows, ready to face the world.
With a grand flourish, they unveiled their masterpiece through a Kickstarter campaign—a spectacle suffused with anticipation and bated breath. And behold, the campaign soared to unprecedented heights, defying expectations and raising an awe-inspiring $1.2 million, the most ever witnessed on the platform.
And so, we find ourselves in the present, teetering on the precipice of possibility.
Emerging from the triumphant echoes of their Kickstarter campaign, the brave souls at Fluyo stand on the cusp of a new chapter. Their coffers laden with funds to sustain them for two years, their loyal community awaits the dawning of their language learning app with bated breath. This creation, forged with meticulous care and borne of the shortcomings of its predecessors, possesses the potential to reshape an entire industry.
Yet, a shadow looms over their indomitable spirit. Ikenna, the venerated CEO, battles unyielding health challenges that curtail his ability to navigate the turbulent seas of day-to-day operations. His vision, though steadfast, finds itself constrained within the narrow confines of 10 to 20 hours of work each week. Recognizing the need for a General Manager who can seize the reins with unflagging vigor, Fluyo beckons a leader—a modern-day Caesar or Gozen—to breathe life into their organizational machinery, inspiring every employee with relentless determination.
To seize this momentous juncture and propel themselves towards their loftiest aspirations, Fluyo seeks an exceptional General Manager—an individual wedded to their craft, unyielding in their dedication, and willing to pour heart and soul into their mission. This is not a mere occupation of nine-to-five drudgery; it demands unrelenting passion, exceptional intellect, and a boundless commitment to Fluyo's sacred cause. They require someone who possesses an innate understanding of the language learning terrain, coupled with an insatiable thirst for gaming and linguistic prowess—a maverick capable of navigating uncharted waters.
Joining Fluyo at this pivotal phase of growth, the chosen one shall bestow their expertise and managerial prowess upon a startup ecosystem buzzing with energy. Their experience shall guide Fluyo towards audacious goals, including the ambitious aim of acquiring one million paid subscribers by the end of 2026. Armed with strategic acumen and an unwavering understanding of the product and market, they shall spearhead Fluyo's ascent to the summit of the language learning realm.
The gravity of this opportunity cannot be understated, and thus, Fluyo extends an offer of substantial equity compensation ranging from 3 to 5 percent. We yearn for our chosen leader to be invested in our collective triumph, forging an unbreakable bond that aligns their goals and fuels a shared sense of purpose. This is a rare chance to be part of a company on the precipice of greatness—a company poised to etch its name in the annals of language learning and artificial intelligence, leaving an indelible mark upon the world.
And so, as the pages of destiny beckon, Fluyo invites the brave and the bold to embark on this extraordinary voyage. Join us, and together, let us navigate the tumultuous currents of opportunity, scripting a saga that will resound through the ages.
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