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Head of Operations

This is a very rare opportunity and I’m looking for the right person to seize it.
I’ll speak in first person as the reason we’re looking for a Head of Operations is quite personal. Let me explain.
Hello! My name is , I’m the co-founder and CEO of a language learning startup called Fluyo (). Fluyo is an all-in-one language learning app designed to be the most fun and effective way to learn a language ever created. Think language learning meets Pokémon, World of Warcraft, and Studio Ghibli. Last month, after 3 years of building Fluyo in stealth mode, we launched on Kickstarter and became the most funded app in Kickstarter history - raising over $1.2M.
At Fluyo we are dedicated to bringing forth a new kind of language learning app. There are “gamified” language learning apps out there. However Fluyo is truly a game to learn languages in addition to being many other things. Our app is created directly by passionate polyglots and language learners for other language learners. Our ultimate goal is to blend pure fun with learning effectiveness in a way that’s never been done before.
So why is this a rare opportunity? We are on the cusp of launching later this year to a massive audience. We have an incredibly solid product, a large fanbase (a million subscribers between my personal YouTube channel and a few partnered content creators) and we’re looking for someone to join the team for a significant chunk of equity (2.5%) in addition to basic starter salary that scales.
I’ve been building Fluyo alongside my team (10+ people) completely remotely from my bed. Back in 2020, I was diagnosed with POTS, which has left me bedridden since. My disability prevents me from working as much as I’d like to (I average 10-20 hours a week). Hence bringing on someone on who can execute on my vision, work hard and ensure Fluyo scales properly would take a lot off of my shoulders.
Specifically we are looking for an outgoing, go-getter type to lead our organization alongside me. Someone who will spearhead our day-to-day operations, set & maintain OKRs/KPIs, breathe life into our leadership team, and inspire each and every employee.
You need to have considerable leadership and ideally operations or product experience either from your own ventures or from working at startups. We need someone who will grasp our product inside and out, is VERY passionate about language learning/gaming and will guide our company to 100+ employees over the next few years and has a clear track record of being able to do so.
As a company we’ve been recently valued at a post-money $8.3M valuation. Hence, the value of our base equity offer (2.5%) is valued at just over $200k on paper, but can very easily be worth $1M+ post app release in 1 year.
Fluyo has great potential. As a prelaunch startup we already have a proven audience, a history-making crowdfunding achievement, a proven ability to build a product, and a proven valuation. We fully believe we can be one of the biggest companies in the language learning industry in 4-5 years time as well as make a mark in the realm of AI. Moreover, the positive impact we can have on the world, from making something as challenging as learning a language into something as fun as a video game, is enormous.
The ultimate goal for this position is to lead our company to 1M+ paid monthly subscribers over the next few years and to ideally take over as COO or potentially even Co-CEO (depending on preference and your strengths) and allow me to focus working on innovation, new products and my health.
If you’re entrepreneurial, see the vision and have the skills we are looking for... this is the job for you.
- Ikenna Obi, Co-Founder of Fluyo (

Comp & Perks
💰 Salary: Basic starting salary of $50k. Salary can scale to $250k+ depending on milestones hit.*
📈 Equity: 2.5% Standard monthly vesting over 4 years with 1 year cliff
🌍 Location: 100% Remote working (our team is based in 7 different countries worldwide)
🚀 Impact: Make a real difference (You’ll be getting in on the ground floor, and can have a huge impact)
🎓 Mentorship: We have two members of our board of advisors who are adept at operations & business strategy that have founded their own 8 figure businesses who’d be advising you if desired.

*Salary scaling: ($5M ARR = $125k sal, $25M ARR = $200k+ sal)
$5M Annual Recurring Revenue is our end of 2024 target

💼 What we’d need you to do:
Spearhead day-to-day operations, setting OKRs and KPIs and ensuring that we are hitting them
Host our weekly all hands and leadership meetings. As well as guiding, nurturing and unblocking the paths of your direct reports via one-on-one meetings.
Shadow the CEO and attend all important meetings across organization for first few months to get a good grasp of the business.
Oversee company finances, legal, payroll for employees/contractors and other high level operations
Set a vision that syncs with Ikenna’s vision, communicating that vision to the organization and leading the organization to success.
Establish and build out our customer success, people, and marketing teams into tight-knit, high performing units that hit key metrics (2024 onwards)
Help scale the company from ~10 employees to 100+ over the span of the next few years.
Be hands on with the product, using it daily and frequently ideating improvements and helping foster the product and marketing efforts alongside your reports.
Help Fluyo to become one of the best remote companies in the world leveraging new technology like AR/VR and existing technology that fosters an amazing remote-first culture.
Help optimize our company Wiki and any necessary documentation that will allow Fluyo to scale easier
Establish company-wide standardized onboarding / recruiting procedures and help onboard new employees.

💪 You need to have:
A fire burning passion for learning new languages and gaming.
A strong leadership background with solid experience either product management or operations
Phenomenal intelligence, critical thinking and problem solving skills
Great communication skills both on-camera/webcam and off
Able to work up to 6 days (50+ hours) a week when necessary. You will be leading the org and we are a startup. This isn’t a normal 9-5.
An inherent ability to assess situations and figure out how to execute on tasks without the need for oversight coupled with a high degree of intellectual curiosity
Successful transformations you’ve led within past companies and thoughtful analysis of what worked and why
Experience in a leadership/management role at a startup or own company that scaled considerably
A kind heart

😍 But it’d also be nice if you have:
A deeply entrepreneurial and self-starter nature.
Management experience at a major tech startup (think FAANG) or considerable experience forming your own company.

Does that sound like you? If so, we’d be excited to here from you!

How to Apply:
Applying is relatively simple. Please create a video of you answering the following 5 questions. The video should be under 10 minutes and can be recorded with your phone, webcam or camera.
As you’ll be publicly leading our organization, hosting all-hands etc. and given we are a remote org. Part of the job is public speaking, hence seeing you on video is quite helpful. Video style can be relaxed, unedited and casual.
Submit your video to:
Please attach your resume/CV to your email.

The Questions:

Why do you feel you’d be a legendary Head of Ops of Fluyo?
What has been your experience so far when it comes to language learning and gaming? Please include specific language apps/programs you’ve used, and the titles of video games you’ve played.
Who have you learned from the most in your career? Any certain authors, experts, content creators, colleagues?
What do you see the future of Fluyo being, how does our app evolve over time?
It’s 2025, you’re scrolling through Instagram and a video advertisement pops up for Fluyo. What does the ad look like?

We will watch every submission and if we see promise in your video we’ll be in touch. We are planning to fill this position by September.

NOTE: Be sure to watch the following video series before submitting your video as it will explain Fluyo better:
Also be sure to have a look at our for the latest Fluyo visuals and to get a good idea of our community. Not doing so, will put you at a disadvantage to other candidates who are familiar with my channel / our campaign.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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