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Company Settings

Identomat provides the following settings for anyone trying to integrate their company into our system. Alterations to the settings must be requested to our team.

Company Info

Name - The name of the company.
Session lifetime (minutes) - How long a verification session may last.
Data lifetime (days) - How long the end-user’s data will remain in the system.
Date format - Option between Day/Month/Year or Month/Day/Year
Callback URL - If the end-user is verified they get redirected to the provided URL
Languages - Available languages for user flows.

Document Settings

You may also tick the following settings if you would like them to be used within your company’s operations:
Check document spoofing - Checks for possible alteration of the document.
Check document grayscale - Checks whether the document is in black and white or not.
Check document visual damage - Checks if the document is physically damaged.
Compare document fields - Compares the front page of the document to the back to see if they match.
Compare document pages - Compares lesser parts of the front page of the document to the back to see if they match.
Identify person with face - Use face database for session grouping, later to use in fraud or other use cases.
Document parameters may be set, where a user will be either warned or refused when their document is specified days away from being expired. Users under a certain age may also be blocked.
You can also request to alter the similarity settings, where you can choose within what percentage range of similarity will people be accepted, rejected or manually checked.

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