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The goal of life project is to help people

universal data standard


absolute time

Using existing standards.

relative time

This idea requires much more flushing out and can easily balloon into complexity beyond its immediate needs or usefulness. This can quickly make it too complicated and therefore detrimental to the user. Furthermore, it is generally best practice to keep things, especially of a systemically recurring nature, on the simpler side. In lieu of this, it may be useful to impose limits (to start out of a lack of engineering resources and maybe later intentionally) on just how complicated these can be. Start very simply (days of week, every other week, days of month) and see what people want.
Time relative to an absolute time, used in formulas to create absolute times. The formulation of this exists in the following combination
List daysOfWeek = [Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday]
List months = …
List xthDayOfMonth = [first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth]
List dayNumbers = [1, 2, …, 365]
int frequency;
int everyTimeframe;
List timeframe = [second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year]
The second and fourth (xthDayOfMonth) Monday and Tuesday (daysOfWeek) of every 2 months

where: a physical location

absolute location

relative location


location tracking

Provide functionality similar to that of the the Gyroscope app, as seen to the right. Tracks location at all times then let's people create locations tied to coordinates (try to find existing library)
Chronological location log with map. Distinguish moving vs not. People can create “where’s” (PRIVATE OR PUBLIC)
Allow people to create sublocations (desk within room within house)
Automatically tie
Allow people to adjust ra
Modes of transport

Use geolocator Flutter package
What accuracy to set to?


How is the rules, underpinnings, and principles of the universe.






easy data entry: press and hold to open menu w/ options of voice/text, photo/video,
working memory data entry
easy, easy, easy
can add CSV, etc. down the road

3D scroll:
time tracking
location tracking at all times
action button (center, CTA)
ex: hold down → record/add,
Swipe to right: look to future?
Swipe to left:
bank account data accessed through Plaid
computer screen color control optimized for YOUR sleep cycle
Apple OS integration adds things to and from Reminders, Calendar, and Photos
reminders: simple, basic tasks that need to be done
calendar: adds things to/from calendar


add data (photo, text, audio [transcribed or raw?]
send/request payment:



The main prerogative of Life Project is to allow users to aggregate, take control of, and utilize their information in a meaningful way. Since we see the world with different lenses, perspectives, and values there should be a multitude of ways for one to use this information. Widgets will allow that


reminds you of death five times daily
puts time in perspective ()
integrate with calendar to harness immediate motivation (perspective changes quickly)
precise age focuses on this exact moment through high time-frequencies
year / month / day / hour / minute / second.milli

23 / 8 / 2 | 04 : 23 : 15.194
23y 56d 4h 5m 10.100033
ex Gyroscope except instead of “23.4876 years old” it should be “23y 56d 4h 5m 10s” or “23 y 56 d 4:5:10” or “23:56:4:5:10”. Should be somewhere in profile page (although maybe don’t need it to be so present), also when you look at somebody’s profile



Automatically add birthdays to calendar? Be able to access and modify contacts?

Splitwise Widget? (pared down, but can link w/ actual purchases)
Kin: social habit tracking

data integration

state of the art

Here is one example of a (). The creator explains further in a blog post entitled (sad state indeed). If this is the state
Here is another from a user on the /r/QuantifiedSelf subreddit.

data ownership and value

IPFS (InterPlanetary File System)

Decentralized, encrypted, peer-to-peer file sharing system of

“Solid is a specification that lets people store their data securely in decentralized data stores called Pods. Pods are like secure personal web servers for your data.
Any kind of information can be stored in a Solid Pod.
You control access to the data in your Pod. You decide what data to share and with whom (be it individuals, organizations, and/or applications). Furthermore, you can revoke access at any time.
To store and access data in your Pod, applications use standard, open, and interoperable data formats and protocols.”
Created by the founder of the internet

Existing solutions

User: jesiotr in BlueSky Discord

Allows you to connect Spotify and input fashion preferences to earn money for selling your data. While this is good as it allows you to get some of the value for your data, it is still being leveraged against you and does not provide you with value beyond the monetary reward, which does not come with any insight.

Locker Project (retired)

Data Cooperatives

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