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Formula essentials

Coda has a powerful formula language to help you build whatever you want. While the language is similar to what you’ve used in Excel, there are a few differentiators that make formulas easier to write and understand.
And if you’ve never used formulas before, don’t worry! Coda’s formula language is more accessible than you think. With our Formula Essentials video series, we’ll unpack the seven formulas that will benefit every Coda maker, whether you're leveling up your to-do list or building the perfect tool for your team.


Knowing just a few formulas will take you a long way.

Filter formula

When you want to look at just one part of your dataset, use Filter formula.

User formula

Create personalized user experiences in your doc with User formula.

thisRow formula

Extrapolate and summarize your data with thisRow formula. Think of it like Coda's alternative to Excel battleship coordinates.

Contains formula

Extract the information you need with Contains formula.

Concatenate formula

Concatenate is a formula that strings information together and shows you how to create dynamic subject lines, buttons, and messages.

If & SwitchIf formulas

Get results based on a certain set of criteria with If and SwitchIf formulas.


Apply the same action to a list of items in a table with FormulaMap.

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