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Case Study: TileDesk

Discover how TileDesk doubled free user conversions


TileDesk is a company based in Italy. They help people from all around the world to build chatbots and conversational apps. So that users can go from Design, test and launch your flows on all your channels in minutes.

TileDesk launched on Product Hunt in October 2023 and were both Product of the Week and #2 for Product of the Day

Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 11.13.20 AM.png

Current Onboarding Flow

For all signed up users TileDesk has configured with the following onboarding flow as follows with near zero conversion to paid users.
Onboarding Email Sequence

Email 1 → TileDesk Design Studio
Email 2 → Automate with Web Request
Email 3 → Explore Chat GPT
Email 4 → Book a Walk Through

TileDesk Product Milestones

Humanic Gen AI pipeline utilizes the Product Analytics Data (from Segment) and first generates the entire set of Product Milestones for TileDesk. It also provides the top 2 or 3 user segments in each milestone. (Shown Below)

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 11.43.50 AM.png

Humanic pipeline also generated and sent out sequences of messages as follows
For All Free Users
From Onboarding (M1) → Product Exploration (M2)
From Product Exploration (M2) → Product Engagement (M3)
From Product Engagement (M3) → Upgrade Account (M5)

For All Legacy Users (Stages)
From Intial Engagement(M1) → Exploration to Onbarding (M2)
Exploration & Onboarding (M2) → Active Usage (M3)
Active Usage (M3) → Issue Resolution (M4)

The full Onboarding Sequence was created in just 10 minutes after the data was linked!


2x conversion of Free users to paid users
This granular level of email nudges increased adoption of their core action (Chatbot Published) and achieved 1% conversion to paid plans within 14 days by targeting both active and dormant users. Further optimization of sequences and context-rich content is in progress.
Legacy User Transition to paid plans
The systematic approach to targeting legacy users converted 12% legacy users to the new basic plan.
Product-Led Sales
Humanic has also helped identify 30 leads that are up-sell worthy for Sales team to follow up on, which are in the rightmost milestone (Upsell Opportunity). These are users that have gone through the product and shown interest in upgrading.
Further optimization to enrich the user data with third party data to identify high value accounts is in progress.

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