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Case Study: TileDesk

Discover how TileDesk tripled free user conversions


TileDesk is an Italian company that helps people worldwide build chatbots and conversational apps. Their goal is to make it easy for users to design, test, and launch their flows on all channels within minutes.

Previous Activation Flow

For all users who signed up for TileDesk, there was a single configured onboarding flow through . Unfortunately, this flow had very low success in converting users to paid customers.

Humanic: Step 1

Humanic uses product analytics data to create product milestones for TileDesk. It also identifies the top user segments for each milestone.
Screenshot 2024-03-02 at 11.17.50 AM.png

Humanic: Step 2

The creation of the ‘Segment of One’ above enables Humanic to automatically generate and send out a series of messages, as demonstrated below.
Screenshot 2024-03-02 at 11.19.28 AM.png


Outcome → 3x conversion of Free to Paid users


Brand Safety is a key consideration when utilizing AI to generate personalized content;

Humanic has built in guardrails (semantic, syntactic, etc.) to prevent hallucination, human feedback loops & workflows to fine tune for your brand.

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